Luchador En Fuego by Clown Shoes

10351177_10101855183683990_8779161895050756324_n 10370452_10101855184163030_3003840842845087066_nRating: 5.7/5

Luchador En Fuego by Clown Shoes is an 11% ABV Mexican Chocolate Imperial Stout brewed with ancho and chipotle chiles, spices, vanilla and aged in Heaven Hills and Wild Turkey bourbon barrels.

Spiced with vanilla, cinnamon, ancho and chipotle peppers, then aged 100% in Bourbon Barrels, this beer wants to leap onto your palate like a luchador who dives into the ring from atop the highest rope.

Here is the original review I did for this beer: ( Back then, this beer was their third anniversary beer and was re-released again due to the great demand. This beer is essentially their Chocolate Sombrero aged in bourbon barrels with chile peppers.

Dark chocolate abuelita bricks in milk, milk chocolate, cinnamon, Vanilla ice cream, cherry, oak, subtle ancho and chipotle chiles, bourbon, dulce de leche caramel, flan, chocolate abuelita, pilloncillo sugar cone, bananas, champurrado hints, mole, coconut, waffle cone, marshmallow smores, hazelnut, leche nestle, crème brulee and capirotada raisin bread pudding.

Dark and milk Chocolate, Chocolate abuelita, vanilla, flan, bourbon, oak, coconut, marshmallow smores, waffle cone, rocky road ice cream, ancho and chipotle subtle pepper heat, bananas, dulce de leche caramel, leche nestle, mole, pecan pie, cinnamon, champurrado, capirotada raisin bread, dark chocolate raisins, prunes, pilloncillo sugar cone, hazelnut, crème brulee and coffee.

Chocolate, champurrado, flan, coffee, bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, oak and bananas. Subtle alcohol but its the variety that helps qualm the heat. A sipping beer with a velvet and silky mouthfeel.

Very exceptional beer and one that is still very delicious. Taking the Chocolate Sombrero and amping it up to the next level makes this one very coveted. Highly recommended and very enjoyable. The best part, is that this will most likely be released yearly which is awesome as it will not be a limited released. This is one of those beers that when it comes to barrel aging, it really brings out some of the Mexican desserts that I really like. Awesome stuff.

Anime Corner:
Shayla Shayla from El Hazard and Taokaka from Blaze Blue are used in this beer pairing as I used them in the last time I did the review for this beer. I haven’t really broke it down why I chose them Taokaka was used for chocolate sombrero because I wanted something that would pair with some of the colors and the hidden aspect of the Chocolate sombrero dude with the mask. In this case, Taokaka’s hoodie was the sombrero and the fact that you can’t see her face is the mask. Now Shayla Shayla in the previous review had painting on her face similar to a mask and her colors paired very well with the colors. To put the icing on the cake, I found the Shayla Shayla one where she is surrounded by fire completing the Luchador en Fuego or Wrestler on Fire aspect. Taokaka represents the deadly aspect of how far and strong the Luchador is.

Oaked Wheatwine 3rd Anniversary Ale by Manzanita Brewing

7855_10101360006498040_1757734750_nRating: 3.75/5

Oaked Wheatwine 3rd Anniversary Ale by Manzanita Brewing is a 9.5% Wheatwine

Wow, Wow what a 3 year phase in our lives! It’s been an amazing journey so farm with all of the hats we’ve had to wear to get a small business up and running. Seeing all of you enjoying out beers makes the struggles and late nights so worth it. So many people to thank for us this far: First and foremost our God, our families, our dedicated employees, our investors and our many invaluable volunteers. Toast to your friends as we toast to ours with this 3rd Anniversary beer.

I have been meaning to try some of their beers for a long time. I am not quite sure when Manazanita started bottling. I do remember I tried to order their pumpkin ale once but was unable to get is as it was sold out. So as part of my beer run, I found this one. I just found out that they recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary and this one was a limited release. Well, knowing myself, I had to get it.

Aromas are light. Apples, caramel, toffee notes, light citrus, biscuit and rye bread.

The flavors are of toffee, rye bread, oak, caramel, coriander, apples, apricot, orange marmalade on toast, bourbon notes, vanilla, coriander, slight coconut, pilloncillo sugar cone, brown sugar and pumpkin or vegetable spices.

The aftertaste is stays a bit bready, light toffee and citrus. Yet another easy to drink well hidden alcohol beer. Although quite silky and buttery mouth feel. Very nice

Overall it was very good beer but still missing something. Also, the flavors are hard to pinpoint. Not exactly bad, just not enough for me to make an awesome review.. I really like how it was easy to drink yet high ABV. The beer is worth trying, if once. I cannot disregard Manzanita especially since I have not tried their other beers which I would definitely like. People say that the variations of this beer are way more awesome. This, I will have to investigate for myself. Maybe report back here 

Third Anniversary ale – Luchador en Fuego by Clown Shoes brewing

559716_10101128492548850_459122122_n 551528_10101128484694590_283036949_nRating: 5.65/5

Third Anniversary ale – Luchador en Fuego by Clown Shoes brewing is an 11%ABV Imperial Stout brewed with spices, vanilla, and aged in bourbon barrels.

Our third anniversary beer us sizes Chocolate Sombrero, using extra ancho chile and adding chipotle pepper. We aged the brew 100% in Wild Turkey and Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. May it leap onto your palate majestically, like a luchador who flies into the ring from atop the highest rope.

They took the chocolate sombrero and amped it up. This beer has very nice aromas of bourbon, oak, vanilla, coconut, marshmallow smores with the chocolate and gram crackers, some spicy chiles, mole, hazelnut and pecan pie, Dark chocolate Abuelita bars in milk, cinnamon, dulce de leche caramel, leche nestle (sweetened condensed milk), crème brulee, raisin bread pudding and ofcourse flan :P. The flavors are dead on cinnamon, champurrado, hot chocolate abuelita, dark chocolate, capirotada (Mexican raisin bread pudding), pecans, vanilla, coconut, Bourbon, dulce de leche, oak, flan and slight chile spice but only enough to give it character. This beer is really close to Hunahpu’s Imperial Chocolate Stout, although the emphasis takes more of a chocolate sweeter and bourbon boozy side than the spicy chile and chocolate complexity. This is a great beer. Got this one at Ramirez Liquor’s in Boyle Height’s California. This one is a rarity amongst itself as it is hard to find East coast beers and especially of this caliber here in the West coast. Magnificently awesome beer! If you enjoy closer to bourbon beers than this one is a must get.