Oaked Wheatwine 3rd Anniversary Ale by Manzanita Brewing

7855_10101360006498040_1757734750_nRating: 3.75/5

Oaked Wheatwine 3rd Anniversary Ale by Manzanita Brewing is a 9.5% Wheatwine

Wow, Wow what a 3 year phase in our lives! It’s been an amazing journey so farm with all of the hats we’ve had to wear to get a small business up and running. Seeing all of you enjoying out beers makes the struggles and late nights so worth it. So many people to thank for us this far: First and foremost our God, our families, our dedicated employees, our investors and our many invaluable volunteers. Toast to your friends as we toast to ours with this 3rd Anniversary beer.

I have been meaning to try some of their beers for a long time. I am not quite sure when Manazanita started bottling. I do remember I tried to order their pumpkin ale once but was unable to get is as it was sold out. So as part of my beer run, I found this one. I just found out that they recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary and this one was a limited release. Well, knowing myself, I had to get it.

Aromas are light. Apples, caramel, toffee notes, light citrus, biscuit and rye bread.

The flavors are of toffee, rye bread, oak, caramel, coriander, apples, apricot, orange marmalade on toast, bourbon notes, vanilla, coriander, slight coconut, pilloncillo sugar cone, brown sugar and pumpkin or vegetable spices.

The aftertaste is stays a bit bready, light toffee and citrus. Yet another easy to drink well hidden alcohol beer. Although quite silky and buttery mouth feel. Very nice

Overall it was very good beer but still missing something. Also, the flavors are hard to pinpoint. Not exactly bad, just not enough for me to make an awesome review.. I really like how it was easy to drink yet high ABV. The beer is worth trying, if once. I cannot disregard Manzanita especially since I have not tried their other beers which I would definitely like. People say that the variations of this beer are way more awesome. This, I will have to investigate for myself. Maybe report back here 

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