Topless Wytch by Three Floyds

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Topless Wytch by Three Floyds is a 9% ABV Baltic Porter.

This full bodied baltic porter loaded with roasted, chocolate and coffee notes and a crisp finish is just the beer if you want to get the better of any unsuspecting barbarian from cimmeria.

Since its release in 2012, I spent a long time looking for this beer and now I have finally found it! Topless Wytch is a coveted Baltic Porter from the Coveted Indiana brewery of Three Floyds. Some of their beers are pretty much not only impossible to find in California, they are very are online as well. Unless you know somebody, then you may be able to trade. That is, until recently, when wlvliquors started to carry some of their beers and mainly since my friend Aaron found this one there, I figured I had to get this one as well. So let us dive into this deep dark brew and see what it is all about.

Very robust coffee, molasses, dark chocolate, bakers chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate shake, frappuccino, cherry notes, currants, raisins, espresso, Kahlua, roasted barley, coconut, anise, soy sauce, molasses, tobacco, pecans, hazelnut, brown sugar and oatmeal.

Dark Chocolate, caramel, mocha, caramel, coconut, milk chocolate, chocolate shake, molasses, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, cherries, coconut, dark fruit, raisins, dark cherries, currants, bakers chocolate, coffee mocha, toffee, fudge cake, roasted barley, Kahlua notes,oatmeal, brown sugar, pecans, tobacco, soy sauce, hazelnut, pecans, molasses, anise, leather, apples and mild yogurt notes.

Dark chocolate, coffee roasted grains, Khalua, caramel, vanilla, and earthy hop notes. No alcohol in the taste, moderate drinkability despite the ABV, Syrupy with a velvet texture.

I have no idea why, but the 3 floyds beers I have so far, I hate to say this, but some of the hype of is true as maybe the batches that they make are so carefully crafted and hard to find that maybe, just maybe, they are as delicious as they say. This is way to delicious for it’s own good. A Devil’s water per say as some of the drawings show. Either way, if you like Baltic Porters, this one is very delicious and highly recommended.

Anime Corner:
Masane Amaha from Witchblade, Sayla from Fairy Tail and Succubus original artwork by Jessica Elwood were used in this pairing to pair with the dark aspects of this beer, the label and the powerful aspects of the character relating to the complexity of the flavors. All of which are pretty much top less, but that is just the extra . A very powerful beer deserves a very powerful pairing such as this. Yes, evn if demonic at seems, they are sweet, but I am sure that the aspects of seduction since you can’t taste the alcohol are enough to get you wondering. Holy crap!

Grand Cru by Rodenbach of Steenhuffel Belgium

992999_10101358398191100_635887340_n 1185481_10101358398121240_606586928_nRating: 5.09/5

Grand Cru by Rodenbach of Steenhuffel Belgium is a 6% ABV World Class Flanders Red Ale aged in oak vats. Composed of 33% “young” ale and 67% ale matured for two years

Rodenbach Grand Cru is an exceptional Belgian ale known as Flemish Red Brown Ale. It enjoys a special status in Belgium as a “Traditional Regional” product. A mixed fermentation ale, Rodenbach is matured in oak vats, giving this ale a signature sweet-sour taste and intense bouquet with a very long after taste like a Grand Cru wine. Rodenbach Grand Cru is a blend of “young” ale (33%) and ale that has matured for two years (67%).

While looking for the old Lips of Faith New Belgium Grand Cru, I was recommended to get this one instead as it was highly recommended by one of the personnel at the store. I have had may experiences with Grand Crus and those have become a progressing favorite style of mine as I try more. When I read this was a Flanders ale or Flemish Red brown I was was kind of surprised. At first I thought, well, most grand crus are red or brown in color but a lot of Belgian Strong Dark Ales or even Quadruples. At that point I realized, this I had to see. To my surprise, this was not a sour beer at all, it was more delightful

Aromas are of wine grapes close to funky beer, but then I got a rush of greater dark cherry yogurt fragrances as well as dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, toffee, apples, pears, buttery biscuit, butterscotch, raspberries, cherry cobbler, cherry pie, figs, raisins and brown sugar.

The flavors was definitely not what I has presumed. You don’t get much sour notes, but instead more tangy cherry notes and more fruit driven flavors like apples, apricots, raisins, figs, wine grapes, raspberries, tart cranberries, currants and black berries. You also get dulce de caramel, vanilla, cherry cobbler, cherry pie notes, oak wood, light lemon dash, earthy spices, and Black cherry yogurt.

The aftertaste is caramel sweet and cherry tart with some nice light acidic and bready notes. Not your typical sour at all. Dark crimson blood body yet pleasing to drink.

Over all, I was highly impressed. This is the first time I try a Flanders that was not more tart to sour flavored. This is the sour noted beer that many of those people that love fruity beers but don’t like sours would absolutely love. Now I see why its simply amazing. Leave it to Belgium to create the best beers in the world. If they can take a lighty funky beer and make it compete with the quads and dark strongs as “Grand Crus”, that has got to be Godly.