Hop Kitchen Series – Hoppy Bock Lager by New Belgium brewing

625567_10101127267668520_1129189146_nRating: 3.5/5

Hop Kitchen Series – Hoppy Bock Lager by New Belgium brewing is a 6.9%ABV German Maibock/Helles Bock.

Meet the first in our new Hop Kitchen series: A German-style springtime lager brewed with rye then loaded with Hallertauer, Perle and Fuggle hops for a spicy, earthy aroma. This Hoppy Bock Lager offers a medium body and slightly sweet malt character perfect for your spring hop-fling.

For being a light bock, it sure has more hoppy aromas. There are aromas of hop grass, some what piney, not too citrusy but just a bit and not tropical, caramel aromas, some honey, and biscuit bread. The flavors are of grassy hops, honey, herbs, honey, some caramel, some peppery notes, slight biscuit and rye bread, orange peel, citrus, pilsner grain and slight notes of flowers. Definitely not like Dead Guy Ale and closer to a pale ale or pilsner with some German notes but that is really all there is too it. It is a good beer to try but nothing super extravagant. Surely worth a try at least once. You do gotta admit though, it is is a tasty lager and once many lager drinkers would probably enjoy than plain old lager.