Wee Heavy by Alesmith

10250277_10101795710623480_779398647083800906_nRating: 5.35/5

Wee Heavy by Alesmith is a 10% ABV Scoth Ale/Wee Heavy.

Great American Beer Festival 2008 “Small Brewing Company of the Year”
This Scottish-inspired deep mahogany colored ale showcases a rich, malty flavor profile of caramel and toffee offset by hints of roast and subtle smoke. The complex malty sweetness includes notes of dark fruit balanced by a subdued hop bitterness. Wee Heavy is incredible nuanced and in a class of its own in terms of balance and sophistication. It ages very well and will keep improving for years to come.

Wee Heavy’s complex malt profile lends itself very well to a host of roasted or grilled meat and vegetable dishes. Robust cheese, salty blues, and nutty farmhouse style cheeses also pair very well with this beer.

Been passing up this beer for ever and only really tried it when I have had it at the pubs or at restaurants. Hell, I did a review on the Barrel Aged version and had yet to review this one. So I definitely wanted to bring this one forward as Wee Heavy is a style I don’t often get chance to try and it really is a style I do love. You can find this one wherever they sell Alesmith and it is a year round release.

Lots of dark fruit currants, plums, prunes, boysenberries, black berries, grapes, rich caramel, smoked peat, licorice, anise, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, brown sugar, butterscotch, blueberry cheesecake hints and cinnamon.

Dark fruits like raisins, plums, boysenberries, black berries, currants, figs, anise, grapes, molasses, scotch, toffee, dark pepper, butterscotch, earthy notes, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, cinnamon, smoked peat, chocolate mousse, brown sugar, licorice, banana notes and honey.

Raisins, butterscotch, earthy notes, blueberry cheesecake hints, smoked peat, toffee, caramel and currants. It is a medium sipping beer with a smooth quality to it. No alcohol in the taste and medium mouth feel.

Exceeding expectations just a bit reminding me a bit of what Apophatic from Monkish was except the style is not a quad and more toward the Scottish ale. There are few and far between Wee Heavies and this one is pretty common so if you definitely want to see what a great example of the style is, go try this one out. Many of the Alesmith beers are epic and really, you can’t go wrong here. I’ve had this beer before in restaurants and I am glad I was able to give you my thoughts on it now.

Anime Corner:
Kula Diamond from the King of Fighters Series was used in this pairing since I used her in the Bourbon Barrel Aged version of this beer long ago. While she is quietly sitting in the barrel in the BBA version, she is free to unleash in this version. Her colors pair greatly with the colors of the beer label but also the variety of the dark berry flavors this style presents. She is not a Banshee, nor is Banshee only part of Irish tradition but of Scottish Gaelic myth as well where they call her, bean sìth or bean-nighe. Hell, even Mexico has one called La Llorona. Anyways, she has blue hair and is cold as ice like the Banshee which ties back to Irish and Scottish tradition and hence forth, the Wee Heavy style. Like I said though, she looks like a Banshee, but she is not one. In fact, Kula enjoy lots and lots of sweets, so just like this beer is full of sugary goodness, so is Kula. She is 10% but don’t try to take her on all at once, she is a very powerful fighter and will freeze you where you stand.

2013 British-Style Old Ale a.k.a 2005/2010 Decadence by Alesmith

44679_10101298802261820_1809725194_nRating: 5.45/5

2013 British-Style Old Ale a.k.a 2005/2010 Decadence by Alesmith is an 11% ABV Old Ale

Great American Beer Festival 2008
“Small Brewing company of the year”
Old Ale Category Triumphs
Gold Medal Great American Beer Festival 2008
Gold Medal World Beer Cup 2008

Originally brewed in 2005 as the first in our annual Decadence series, AleSmith Old Ale follows the tradition of class British-style Old Ales. This rich, malt-forward ale showcases soft notes of currants and dried fruit along with complex dark sugars, all of which are balanced by a subtle bitterness derived from the addition of traditional English hops. AleSmith Old Ale is ready to be enjoyed now or it can be aged for upwards of twenty years to further enhance its amazing depth of flavor. A hearty ale designed to please Bacchus himself!

They will be releasing this beer every season due to its popularity. I snagged a bottle as I was looking for beers at the store. I always have a hard time deciding what to pick. I like all the beers and certain styles. This is a style of beer that I do not often get to review but the style has always been very good.

Aromas started off with lots of raisins, cherries, caramel and walnut bread pudding. British beers like these always have forward malts. There is notes of toffee, brown sugar, butterscotch, vanilla, pecan pie, molasses, biscuit, black raspberry jam and some fruit cake

Flavors are of caramel, toffee, dark fruits like raisins, black berries, apples, pecan pie, walnuts bread pudding, raspberry jam, molasses, figs, vanilla, chocolate notes, anise, earthy hop hints, port wine notes, butterscotch, nutmeg, fruit cake, and brown sugar

The aftertaste finishes with like a raisin, caramel and anise taste with some port wine and earthy bitterness as it leaves completely. Good stuff, and the alcohol is well hidden. Amazing stuff, also, others say that the previous recipe was oxidized. There is no oxidation in this one at all, it’s just pure good beer.

This ale is meant for aging, so I am sure it will improve with time for sure. Even as fresh as it is right now, it is very delicious and I almost feel like I can definite drink more of this stuff. One of the best English styles ever.. Damn Alesmith is very good.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy by Ale Smith brewing

188765_10100969381159350_1196332505_nRating: 5.5/5

Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy by Ale Smith brewing is a 10% ABV Wee Heavy/Scotch Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels. This is a recent 2012 release.

Great American Beer Festival 2008 “Small Brewing Company of the Year”
This Barrel-Aged version of our Scotch-Style Ale is matured in premium bourbons barrels for at least one year to add layers of complexity to its rich, malty flavor profile. Notes of Vanilla, Oak, and Bourbon from the Barrels combine with the beer’s profile of caramel and toffee to make an utterly unique beer we think you’ll love. Enjoy it now or let it mature in the bottle for years to come. Serve in a goblet at 50-55 degrees.

Wee Heavy beers are pretty good. I once enjoyed a Sam Adams Wee Heavy which probably does not come close to the awesomeness of this on. I still have to try the original of this but I figured when I saw my chance to get this one I take it. The fragrance coming of the beer in the glass is pretty sweet. Bourbon, Vanilla, plums, caramel, licorice, molasses, butterscotch and possibly some chocolate as well. The flavors are freaking phenomenal. So the first thing I notice is there is really not a lot of burning alcohol for being a “Heavy” ABV beer. The flavors flow of Bourbon, vanilla, caramel, toffee, Blueberry Cheesecake, flan, Dulce de leche and Sweetened Condensed Milk (Leche Nestle), raisins, butterscotch, blackberries, boysenberries, sugar coconut crème pudding, Chocolate Mousse, oak, walnuts and like a Jaggermeister Licorice sweetness. I remember some of the very good notes reminiscent of the original wee heavy I have tried which was a Sam Adams version but this is amplified to over 9000 times in complexity and flavor. I exaggerate ofcourse but when it comes to some of the best beers in the world, this is certainly one of them and I can’t explain it enough. It is just delicious. Now… I am sure this will pair great with a nice dessert 😛