Cuvee de Tomme (2009 ed.) by The Lost Abbey

Rating: 5/5

Cuvee de Tomme (2009 ed.) by The Lost Abbey is an 11%ABV Wild Quint. This beer is something something special. If 2012 is the end of the world, then best end the best of your days with a fine ale. They take the Judgment day ale quad (4 times fermented) add it to Bourbon and French Oak Wine barrels. Add some Brettanomyces (Wild Yeast) and sour cherries creating the Quintuple Fermentation. They wait a year and then bottle it. Seeing as this is the 2009 version, this beer is way over 11%ABV. Quite possibly in the 14 or 15% ABV. It has been aging and it is now 2012. So give it 3 or 4 years including original aging before bottle conditioning. Before I begin this review, please look at my previous review of Judgment Ale: (

You are holding in your hands one of the most elusive and sought after small batch beers known simply as Cuvee. Our Cuvee de Tomme is a blend of Old World Brewing Traditions and New World Brewing Processes. It is made from Judgment Day Dark Ale which then aged in American Bourbon and French Oak Wine barrels. We add some fantastic wild yeasts and Sour Cherries to the barrels creating a secondary fermentation. After one year, our brewers then get together to work out the final blend, This means that each batch of Cuvee will vary slightly between bottling. Yet, the result will always be a memorable drinking experience. Pour into a wide glass and let the beer breathe. Notes of juicy cherries. Luscious Vanilla and Supple Tannins integrate in a smooth finish. We think like most, you will find our most creative energies on display in this unique and style shattering beer worthy of the title Cuvee 

This is the second time I try this beer. The first one was the 2011 edition. So this time I get to try an even more vintage ale. This beer comes up nothing short of Epic. Although I do have to say. While the sweet flavors of the quad (Judgment Ale) have transformed into something completely different (Please see the picture), some of the original flavors are still there like the bread, dulce de leche, raisins, figs and plums. Yet even so, over the last 3 to 4 years, it has given rise to stronger flavors of cherry, raisin, sour grape, wine, vanilla bourbon, minor chocolate, earthy must, and bitter dark chocolate. Like a fine wine, it has reached it’s prime. If you do not like sours, try a more recent version of this beer. Other wise, embrace the connoisseuring glory!!!…. Glad to have this beer once more before it is all over…although I will probably be drinking the original during the end of times…What say you friends?? 😛 What will you be drinking during the end??

2011 Review (2011 ed.):
Cuvee de Tomme is a brew that is taken to a crazy level in complexity. I didn’t know dividing by zero to make a beer was even possible but here it is. They start off by taking their Judgment Day Ale which is a Belgian style quad and age it in bourbon and French wine oak barrels. Adding cherries and wild yeast and creating a 5th fermentation from the blend and aging it for another year creates this
super complex oddity of flavor. You have sourness of cherries, the complexities of the yeast the strength and after taste if wine and bourbon as well as vanilla and oak. Also let us not forget the raisins from the Judgement day ale. Since the beginning of my run with beer tasting and label collecting I have not tried the Judgement day ale in a while, and being re brought to the table, in this form, is like knighting those 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse as paladins for the great glory that is beer. I have had a long run in this game and it is almost about a year now since the first time I tried that brew and I reflect how far I have come with this hobby and I am glad that even in moderation, craft brewery and drinking beer should be seen as an awesome thing, an art. Not a lot of respect out there for beer, but things change and someday a lot of people will see…There is more to life than what is presented them….They just have to go out there and find it 🙂