Coronado Collection series Barrel Aged Stupid Stout by Coronado Brewing

1609691_10101668329396480_996958789_nRating: 5/5

Coronado Collection series Barrel Aged Stupid Stout by Coronado Brewing is a 9.8% ABV Imperial Stout aged in oak bourbon barrels.

The “Coronado Collection” is the limited release of our barrel aged liquid treasures. 2013 Release #3: Stupid Stout Imperial Stout aged in oak bourbon barrels.

I picked this up at the local Downey liquor store. I have tried a Coronado collaboration and the Coronado Red ale but to try something like this is pretty special as I have never had any of their barrel aged stuff. They sure put an emphasis on the mermaid. I love Barrel aged beers but each one better than others and some which are just out of this world.

Bourbon, vanilla, caramel, dark fruits like currants, raisins, grapes, black berries, coffee, oak, dark chocolate, molasses, anise, dark cherry, hazelnut, mocha and toasted coconut.

Bourbon, dark fruits like currants, raisins, grapes, blackberries, dark cherries, mocha, coffee, vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, tobacco, molasses, anise, hazelnut, flan, toasted coconut, oak, mild marshmallow smores, chocolate fudge cake and a bit of mint.

Coffee, dark fruit currants, grapes, caramel, earthy notes and oak. The alcohol is mildly present in the flavor but does not detract from the flavors. A sipping beer with a full mouth feel.

Damn delicious, but in a different way. It may not have exceeded expectations but it is still a perfect beer. The bourbon barrel aging of this beer makes it go more towards dark fruit, anise and coffee flavors than actual bourbon complexities like a richer amount of coconut, flan, marshmallows and such. Nevertheless, still a perfect beer worth trying. This beer reminds me of Ballast Point’s Sea Monster.

Anime Corner:
This mermaid creature is an original character from the card series called Monster Collection Fujimishobo Bushiroad which was used in this pairing to represent the Coronado mermaid, the collection series to pair with the “Coronado Collection” but also the flavors of the dark fruits and currants.

Hibiscus IPA Two Islands collaboration by Coronado and Maui

Rating: 4.45/5

Hibiscus IPA Two Islands collaboration by Coronado and Maui is a 4.9% ABV India Pale Ale brewed with Hibiscus flowers. Many of us Latinos know this flower as it is used to make Jamaica (Iced Hibiscus-Tea). Never had such a mix before. However, now the tropical flavors are probably more potent in this IPA


CBC and our fellow islanders at Maui Brewing Co are bridging the distance from Hawaii to the mainland with big flavor, camaraderie, and generosity. This centennial, chinook, and nugget-stoked IPA, made floral with the addition of hibiscus flower, is the first of an annual series of collaborative beers benefiting local charities. This time around, a donation will be made to Beer for Boobs, a Susan G Komen 3-day team formed by San Diego company White Labs, who contributed the yeast for this brew. No matter which side of the Pacific you’re on, there’s no better reason to ” Drink Pink!” 

When pouring this beer, it was mainly crimson and pink. The beer aromas of the pine and grassy hops are there but the floral and fruity aromas are also there. Almost like cherries. First sip of this beer and I was amazed by a different type of bitterness. I have had Jamaica on many occasions, with and with out sugars. So the flowery bitterness is there but it works very will with the hops creating a hoppy and floral bitterness hybrid. The flavors are of grapefruit, pineapple, cranberry tart, light cherries, orange, biscuit bread and lime. The flavors are not too overwhelming making this a pretty refreshing beer which wont fill you up to quick but has enough flavors to make it interesting. Even though it does not a super bitter IPA role, it plays it role for which it is suited for, a tropical, floral and a bit fruity IPA.