Super Bashah (Black As Sin Hoppy As Hell) of the Stone Berlin Groundbreaking Collaboration Series #3 by Stone & Brew Dog

Rating: 6/6
Super Bashah (Black As Sin Hoppy As Hell) of the Stone Berlin Groundbreaking Collaboration Series #3 by Stone & Brew Dog is a 10% ABV Black Belgian Double India Pale Ale.

Series 3 of 14

Glorious mayhem always ensues when Stone Brewing and BrewDog team up to brew a beer. Mix a lifelong metalhead known for having an occasionally aggressive attitude toward the panel with self-professed punks notorious for brewing hardcore beers and pushing the boundaries at full-throttle pace…and this hopped-up headbanger was a no-brainer. Part imperial stout, part Belgian abbey ale and all IPA, this style-smashing hybrid is a supercharged version of the BrewDog / Stone bashah original from 2009. BASHAH: Black As Sin. Hoppy As Hell. This Berlin mash-up will no doubt suffice in satiating those who crave intensity and a pummeling of flavor. Any ringing in your ears from the cacophony should subside within a few days. Probably.

Chocolate Malt & Belgian Yeast

Tasting Notes: Paradoxical in style, roasted malts dominate until the herculian hops and sweet Belgian yeast takes over.

Aroma: Funky dark fermented fruits muddled with citrus and some sweetness.

BBQ duck tacos, bacon-wrapped figs, shiitake mushroom risotto, baklava

Our dream to be the first American craft brewery to independently build, own and operate a brewery in Europe has become a reality. Located in a historic 1901 building, our state of the art brewhouse and destination restaurant in the Mariendorf neighborhood is a true thing of beauty! As promised, we invited some of our best friends in craft brewing to create an exceptional series of celebratory beers. We hope you enjoy the international camaraderie that went inot making these fourteen truly groundbreaking collaborations!


In 2014, Stone was raising money to open a brewery in Berlin, Germany. It would be the first time an American craft brewery would open up a business in Europe. For Germany who has Bavarian laws on the beer making process, craft beer would no coincide with their laws. However, Stone being some crazy arrogant bastards were able to make their way into the market and were successful to open up shop. At the time, I had donated money on promised collaborations with different breweries. Mainly some of the ones I like such as Brew Dog, Lost Abbey, The Bruery, Surly and even Devil’s Gate/Will Wheaton. So, with the donations I made in that year, I was wondering if I would ever see a return on my investment. Long behold, Stone contacted me to inform that they were going to release the beers and so today I bring Super Bashah.
Super Bashah was based on BASHAH which Stone did a collaboration with Brew Dog years ago and it was a memorable beer. That is why when I heard they were doing a collaboration again for the tribute of the new brewery I wanted to bring this one to the site, new and improved, super BASHAH. So thankfully, here it is. Now, these beers will be available at Stone Stores but I do not know if they will see distribution. That is why I suggest possibly visiting Stone or trade for one, as they will be sold to the public. Let’s have a look at Super BASHAH!

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, smokey oak, roasted coffee, espresso roast, leather, tobacco, bananas, clove spice, anise, molasses, Citrus, grapefruit, piney, floral, herbal, dank garlicky hops, vanilla, biscuit bread, stone fruit peach, apricot, Belgian candy sugar, rock candy, burnt sugar, piloncillo sugar cone, funky farmhouse, Dulce de leche caramel and lots of dark fruit.
Citrus, grapefruit, piney, floral, herbal, dank garlicky hops, vanilla, biscuit bread, Tropical dragon fruit, passion fruit, kiwi, guava, papaya, strawberry, Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, smokey oak, roasted coffee, espresso roast, coffee cake, charred malt, Dark fruit raisins, plums, figs, currants, blackberries, raspberries, prunes, port wine, leather, tobacco, Dulce de leche caramel, bananas, clove spice, anise, molasses, flan, crème brulee, stone fruit peach, apricot, Belgian candy sugar, rock candy, burnt sugar, piloncillo sugar cone, mushrooms, funky farmhouse hay and phenolics.
Finishing with dark chocolate, tropical fruit, dark fruit, stone fruit, caramel, roasted barley, dank fruity and earthy hops. No alcohol in the taste, Pitch black, 5th dimensional dark abysmal body, super smooth, creamy, refreshing, crisp and velvety mouthfeel along with a very easy drinkability despite the ABV.
Ridiculous! Bashah! How is this beer possible? Ridiculous smoothness, ridiculously easy to drink and super well done. I think the complexity and the Belgian Dark helps this one be hoppy but not super bitter. This was a very well made beer and worth my investment in the sponsorship of the Berlin Brewery. Of the new ones that have come from Berlin, I love them all so far but this one I love even more. Reminded me so much of Stillwater’s Folklore to another level. I definitely and highly recommend this one to those who love Black IPAs and Dark Belgians.
Anime Corner:
Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach as a devil/succubus was originally used on the original beer of BASHAH so naturally, she would make a return for Super BASHAH. The original reason to use this version of Rukia was to go well with the gargoyle of Stone. Since that time, Rukia has gone through many epic changes in the series and has gotten stronger. So displaying many of her different changes including BANKAI and the Chinese Kunfu Martial artists, I felt worked great for this special occasion of a pairing.

Stochasticity Project Master of Disguise by Stone Brewing

1511877_10102214378085530_4551672255624029477_oRating: 5/5

Stochasticity Project Master of Disguise by Stone Brewing is 9.7% ABV Imperial Golden Stout brewed with Coffee Beans and Cocoa Nibs.

There is no happenstance or coincidence. Dumb luck is a fallacy and randomness a commonly accepted mistruth. Much of what seemingly falls into place and seems so natural is a result of Stochasticity, a concept embraced and exalted by this special and unpredictable series of beers, where exotic notions, ingredients and ideas coalesce at an interesting and often unexpected endpoint.

All The Deep, Roasty Essence of A Stout, Presented in a brilliant Golden Ale.
Things aren’t always what they seem, but not all deception is devious. Some illusions and misnomers lead to life’s most delightful surprises. Case in point—this beer, the yang to the yin that is the black India pale ale. Once revolutionary for its onyx appearance, it is now an accepted and beloved member of the India pale ale family.

Thus we took the spirit of a dark beer—the time-honored stout—and applied a similar science of thought, brewing it to be golden-hued. Cocoa and coffee beans impart roastiness sans darkening to this brew, while flaked oats provide an enveloping mouthfeel. The result is a stout that looks more like a blonde, but is a raven beauty at heart.

HOP VARIETIES: Nugget & Liberty

MALT VARIETIES: 2-Row Pale, Carapils, amber,and flaked oats



I have always wanted Stone to bring back an old style they once did with Brewdog called the Luciferin which was a Golden Stout as well. While they may not brew that one ever again (here’s hoping they do), the fact that they brought this one forth was just what I needed since I really did not want to miss this one. I can only assume this is the successor from that lost beer from years ago. The style of Golden Styles is a rarity and not often brewed. However, so far of the many I have tried, all have been unique and awesome in their own way. I think when they add the coffee beans in others I have tried, it really makes a difference to really fool you into thinking you are drinking stout but you are not. Hence the name master of disguise. Regardless, I am glad I was able to bring this one forth to the site. Cheers!

Rich Coffee, Espresso notes, mocha, white chocolate, dark chocolate, biscuit bread, rye bread, vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, mild smoke, butterscotch, toffee, dark fruit cherries, milk chocolate, oatmeal cookies, cookie dough, sweet bread and peanut butter.

Roasted coffee, mocha, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, vanilla, citrus, grapefruit hints, mild smokey notes, cinnamon, brown sugar flan hints, biscuit bread, earthy hops, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie, peaches and cream hints, butterscotch, dark fruit raisins, cranberry hints, dark cherries, apples, toffee, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter and milk sugar.

White chocolate, caramel, vanilla, Citrus, roasted coffee, Earthy and mild piney hops linger. No alcohol in the taste, clear golden body, smooth and creamy mouthfeel, medium to sipping beer.

If you love roasty bitter Stout and yet some hop variety to the flavors, then this is the perfect stout. It is kind of strange since the creamy levels are like that of a stout yet it is not. This style is something that does not typically happen quite often and it is one that needs to be brewed right. While I did get some medium levels of hops, this only added to the complexity. The coffee beans and cocoa actually meld well keeping some of the bitterness at bay to bring forth that rich stout goodness. Reminiscent of some of the other Golden Stouts I have had before but this one is more on the White chocolate variety. I would definitely recommend a try on this one.

Anime Corner:
Akali from League of Legends was used in this pairing to represent the colors of the label, the name “Master of Disguise” as she is a ninja with mask looking partially like a demon mouth of in this case the Stone Gargoyle. The glimmering moonlight is what is lights up the night and on this beer, is what makes a dark stout look like a bright IPA. This is a really great beers and I would definitely recommend you try it as this one is for the ninjas!


Cocoa Psycho by BrewDog

10639688_10102064055642910_7445525846017925624_n 10678745_10102064057374440_2695895940114046964_nRating: 4.95/5

Cocoa Psycho by BrewDog is a 10% ABV Russian Imperial Stout brewed with cocoa nibs, coffee beans and vanilla pods.

Welcome to the world of Cocoa Psycho, a liquid dimension where pure indulgence reigns.

Originally brewed some 250 years ago to celebrate the Russian Royal Family, this 10% Imperial Russian stout borrows from the decadence of the time with its extravagantly smooth blend of crushed coffee beans, cocoa nibs and dark malts.

To fully unleash the aromas and bittersweet luxury of this stout, we recommend drinking it from a stemmed beer glass before taking a sledgehammer to a Faberge Egg.

So this beer had eluded me until I stumbled upon a random liquor store (the one in front of the Bruery) who surprisingly had a ton of rare craft in stock. When I saw this, I didn’t even think twice. This Cocoa Psycho isn’t going anywhere but for us here at Therefore, I decided to bring this forth to you, the readers. Cheers!

Dark fruit raisins, prunes, dark cherries, Vanilla, oak, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, brown sugar, molasses, mocha, java coffee, maple and hints of rye.

Dark chocolate, bakers chocolate, dark fruit raisins, prune, dark cherry, caramel, oak, vanilla, earthy notes, coffee roast, java coffee, mocha, molasses, brown sugar, maple, smokey notes, maple and rye bread.

Coffee roast, dark chocolate, earthy notes, vanilla caramel and dark fruits quickly dry up. No alcohol in the taste, sipping drinkability, creamy mouthfeel, Dark full body with even a dark head that quickly dissipates into the darkness.

The addition of the chocolate, vanilla and coffee definitely keep this at the level of perfect but without it, this may have been good to very good on the rating scale. The roasty notes and bittersweet chocolate are more present overall than the complex sweetness. That is okay though as what makes it perfect is that it still has some complexity to it. I think it seems to be at that Chocolate Oak Yeti. Would I recommend it? Only if they would lower the price In that aspect, I think you get way more from the Great Divide Chocolate Oak Yeti, Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer/Undead Party Crasher or hell, even Lost Abbey’s Serpent Stout. It is majorly worth trying thought I will give it that.

Anime Corner:
Shampoo/Xianpu from Ranma ½ was used in this pairing for several reasons having to do with the Ranma show, Shampoo herself, the color of the label and more. The color of the label is obvious as it pairs with Shampoo’s beautiful hair. The second is that she is literally obsessed with Ranma-kun and will literally kill anyone who dares stop her from having him. She gets into constant battles with Ranma-Chan (The Female version of Ranma-kun who was cursed and turns into a girl with cold water and back with hot water. Unfortunately for Shampoo, she cursed Ranma-chan with the kiss of death meaning she has to kill her but not want to kill Ranma-kun. Quite the complex scenario and just goes to show how far she can go. In the art, she kinda looks like a psycho with her obsession, but to be honest and fair, her intention may be a bit psycho but the cocoa or sweet aspect of her heart means she really is kind at heart. She knows she will not win in the end but at least she risks her life to help Ranma in many cases. Shampoo is awesome and one of a kind Amazon chick. Very sweet but powerful (ABV) due to her special teaching in the martial arts.