Stochasticity Project Master of Disguise by Stone Brewing

1511877_10102214378085530_4551672255624029477_oRating: 5/5

Stochasticity Project Master of Disguise by Stone Brewing is 9.7% ABV Imperial Golden Stout brewed with Coffee Beans and Cocoa Nibs.

There is no happenstance or coincidence. Dumb luck is a fallacy and randomness a commonly accepted mistruth. Much of what seemingly falls into place and seems so natural is a result of Stochasticity, a concept embraced and exalted by this special and unpredictable series of beers, where exotic notions, ingredients and ideas coalesce at an interesting and often unexpected endpoint.

All The Deep, Roasty Essence of A Stout, Presented in a brilliant Golden Ale.
Things aren’t always what they seem, but not all deception is devious. Some illusions and misnomers lead to life’s most delightful surprises. Case in point—this beer, the yang to the yin that is the black India pale ale. Once revolutionary for its onyx appearance, it is now an accepted and beloved member of the India pale ale family.

Thus we took the spirit of a dark beer—the time-honored stout—and applied a similar science of thought, brewing it to be golden-hued. Cocoa and coffee beans impart roastiness sans darkening to this brew, while flaked oats provide an enveloping mouthfeel. The result is a stout that looks more like a blonde, but is a raven beauty at heart.

HOP VARIETIES: Nugget & Liberty

MALT VARIETIES: 2-Row Pale, Carapils, amber,and flaked oats



I have always wanted Stone to bring back an old style they once did with Brewdog called the Luciferin which was a Golden Stout as well. While they may not brew that one ever again (here’s hoping they do), the fact that they brought this one forth was just what I needed since I really did not want to miss this one. I can only assume this is the successor from that lost beer from years ago. The style of Golden Styles is a rarity and not often brewed. However, so far of the many I have tried, all have been unique and awesome in their own way. I think when they add the coffee beans in others I have tried, it really makes a difference to really fool you into thinking you are drinking stout but you are not. Hence the name master of disguise. Regardless, I am glad I was able to bring this one forth to the site. Cheers!

Rich Coffee, Espresso notes, mocha, white chocolate, dark chocolate, biscuit bread, rye bread, vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, mild smoke, butterscotch, toffee, dark fruit cherries, milk chocolate, oatmeal cookies, cookie dough, sweet bread and peanut butter.

Roasted coffee, mocha, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, vanilla, citrus, grapefruit hints, mild smokey notes, cinnamon, brown sugar flan hints, biscuit bread, earthy hops, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie, peaches and cream hints, butterscotch, dark fruit raisins, cranberry hints, dark cherries, apples, toffee, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter and milk sugar.

White chocolate, caramel, vanilla, Citrus, roasted coffee, Earthy and mild piney hops linger. No alcohol in the taste, clear golden body, smooth and creamy mouthfeel, medium to sipping beer.

If you love roasty bitter Stout and yet some hop variety to the flavors, then this is the perfect stout. It is kind of strange since the creamy levels are like that of a stout yet it is not. This style is something that does not typically happen quite often and it is one that needs to be brewed right. While I did get some medium levels of hops, this only added to the complexity. The coffee beans and cocoa actually meld well keeping some of the bitterness at bay to bring forth that rich stout goodness. Reminiscent of some of the other Golden Stouts I have had before but this one is more on the White chocolate variety. I would definitely recommend a try on this one.

Anime Corner:
Akali from League of Legends was used in this pairing to represent the colors of the label, the name “Master of Disguise” as she is a ninja with mask looking partially like a demon mouth of in this case the Stone Gargoyle. The glimmering moonlight is what is lights up the night and on this beer, is what makes a dark stout look like a bright IPA. This is a really great beers and I would definitely recommend you try it as this one is for the ninjas!


American Beauty collaboration by Dogfish Head and the Grateful Dead

1476440_10101529214369110_639428914_n 1477544_10101529214518810_1451901855_nRating: 4.35/5

American Beauty collaboration by Dogfish Head and the Grateful Dead band is a 9% ABV Imperial Pale Ale brewed with granola & all-American hops.

Inside this bottle, your miracle ticket awaits. It’s called American Beauty, an Imperial Pale Ale inspired by the Grateful Dead. The best way to capture 30 years, more than 100 live albums, 2300 shows? Let the loyal fans drive the recipe. Among thousands of suggestions, granola was tops. It was the main course in millions of parking lot meals and is a sweet and toasty complement to the all-American hops and barley. There was something different about a Dead show. Whether you saw one or 100 you felt it. If only you could have bottled it…

Another sweet awesome Musical collaboration brought by Dogfish Head. As requested by the, a tribute to the band, they let the fans come up with the ingredients for the beer. They came up with granola, which is very interesting as I have never tried a beer with granola. I love granola for in between meals, although this beer would probably be a meal within itself. Picked this up at Ramirez Liquor in Boyle Heights California.

Lots of biscuit bread, lots flowers, grassy notes, citrus honey, caramel, grapes, strawberries, dessert wine, lavender, grapefruit notes, herbs, rose notes, granola oats, mild coconut and tropical fragrances.

Grapefruit, grapes, strawberry, honey, lavender, flowers, cranberries, biscuit bread, citrus, granola oats, raspberry, mild tropics, mango, pineapple, coconut, pomegranate, rich red velvet cheese cake, apricot, pear, and almonds

After taste is like biting into a bitter flower with honey and grapes with some of the citrus to back it up. Hidden alcohol but a sipper for sure.

Very good beer but more sweeter than IPA hoppy bitterness. Some people may like it as it does seem to work (at least for me) as it is pretty sweet, fruit and some tropics but yet it does not deliver lots of hop forward tropics as some of the other best IPAs. I will give it that, with the granola, it makes for a very interesting experience of a beer. Almost like it was granola and berries added. Maybe the whole point of this was to make your palette go through a weird trip of colorful and LSD flavor experiences lol. It sure did that for me. Ofcourse, it is only strictly with flavor experiences, there is NO LSD in this beer.

Anime Corner:
Frostfire Annie and Akali from League of Legends are used in this mainly to relate to the beer’s label and Grateful Dead. I don’t know much about the series but I did like the artwork. It can be seen by Annie’s bear Tibbers used but also the colors of their different albums. So obtaining artwork that fits was a challenge. Until I found something that may sort of fit. The conflict between Annie and Akali can be seen as the hops trying to take over the sweetness of the granola and fruit (Represented by Annie and her bear) Ofcourse, who wins in this beer? Well that should be obvious