Ommegang XV 15th Aniversary Ale

Rating: 5/5

Ommegang XV 15th Aniversary Ale is a 9.6% ABV Belgian Trappist Dark Ale Reserve. I am already a huge fan of Ommegang as they do Belgian beers very well. This is no exception and I seriously think it can go toe to toe with the Trappist styles of Belgian. Just like Westvleteren 12. This is pretty good and hard to find. Probably because it is still trickling down the distribution chains.


Ommegang XV Reserve Ale is an Extraordinary and uncommon ale, even by our refined standards.

One year in creation-and brewed but once- Ommegang XV Reserve Celebrates Fifteen years of creating fine Belgian-Style Ales.

This Celebratory ale honors our ancestry, and pays homage to the world’s most desired ales- The Legendary Trappist Ales of Belgium.

Like the revered Trappist Ales, Ommegang XV reserve is brewed with only the finest ingredients and with devotion and care-creating an ale with strikingly complex aromas and flavors.

Deep, Dark, and Elegant, this ale will delight and satisfy today and will age gracefully in the cellar.

No kidding, the fragrance and taste of this ale is quite complex and delicious. The Aroma of dark fruits like raisins, banana nut bread, dulce de leche caramel, some minor citrus, and bourbon. The flavors are just like the awesome Trappist beers and quad ales. Raisin fig and banana pecan bread laced with rich dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, cherries, blueberries, wine grape tartness, minor coffee notes in the aftertaste but nothing removing from the primary Trappist focus. I still think that this can go toe to toe with the ever elusive Westvleteren 12, but hey you be the judge of that one.Truly a Belgian worth trying once it arrives in greater quantities 😛