Hop Squeezed Tropic Hunter by Nubis Sanctum Ales

11209405_10102705674518540_6521462536723157215_n 11701078_10102705675566440_2156771401235513723_n 11705364_10102705676769030_5161456622611351380_nRating: 4.95/5

Hop Squeezed Tropic Hunter by Nubis Sanctum Ales is an 11% ABV Double (Triple) India Pale Ale brewed with Mango Puree, Arizona Wild Flower Honey, Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo and Simcoe.

The Last Mango is in Captivity. The Galaxy Hops, are at peace… as they were not harmed in the making of this beer…

Tropic Hunter S.A.M.U.S (Savor Analyze Monitor Unite & Save)
Log OG:1.100 FG:1.020…
Login METROIPA…Accepted…
Transmitting Data—->
“My name is SAMUS. I first encountered the Mango-troid colony on their home Planet Citra Zest. It was there that I was introduced to the rich delicious Nectar these creatures produced. These creatures though harmless had offered me something I’ve never seen in all my visits through the Galaxy of Barley way. The Mango-troids, after pollination which would involve squeezing sugars from fruits and hops, would then leave behind a secret bitter sweet liquid that was gold in color and aromatic like the tropical fruits of the Planet 4U2EAT. My mission… To collect a sample of this ambrosia and present it to the lab for analysis. Here is what this liquid is composed of:

Ingredients: Water, Malts, Amarillo, Simcoe, Mosaic & Citra Hops, Freshly made Mango Puree, Arizona Wild Flower Honey, Candi Sugar and San Diego Super Yeast.

As I completed my mission, a Mango-troid followed me back to my ship. I think it is a baby. So it seems I was able to produce enough of the ambrosia with the help of the Mango-ling that I am providing some for your research as well!

SAMUS Over And Out… Cheers and see you next mission!”
End Transmission…


Project#9 is my attempt at brewing a tropical double IPA and an inspiration from El Segundo’s Power Plant as well as the Sure Bet Double IPA from Pipeworks is this beer right here. While studying a good recipe for a couple months and buying ingredients bit by bit, I finally was able to create my first ever IPA in the similar recipe to tribute to some of my favorite tropical/leche nestle Triple IPAs out there. I have no idea if my beer can even top the Pliny the Younger but I hope it can beat the elder atleast. Either way, it was a lot of work, a great learning experience and one damn great beer I was very proud to make. Cheers!

Mango hints, Wild flower hints, rich citrus, rich pine needle, herbal, floral, grassy and grapefruit hops, tropical fruits like guava, prickly pears, papaya, passion fruit, dragon fruit, lychee, pineapples, apricots, stawberrries, raspberries, cherries, tangerines, tuna fruit, stone fruit peaches, creamy vanilla, caramel, agave notes, sweetened condensed milk, tangerine gummy bears, citrus peels, grapefruit peels, coconut hints, marshmallow and tres leches/3 milks cream hints.

Rich Mango, Wild flower honey, agave notes, tropical fruit like dragon fruit, papaya, kiwi, honey dew melon, strawberries, passion fruit, prickly pear, papaya, guava, piney, grassy, grapefruit hops, citrus, tangerine oranges, orange peel, grapefruit peel, sweetened condensed milk, caramel, toffee, vanilla, stone fruit apricots, banana hints, raspberries and cream hints, orange gummy bears, mild coconut hints, tres leches/3 milks cream hints, almonds and macadamia nut hints.

Lots of Orange peel, Grapefruit peel, Mango hints, Wild Flower honey hints, caramel, gummy bears, tangerines, tropical fruit hints, and stone fruit hint with left over piney hop goodness that pops for a bit. Slight alcohol in the taste, Golden Amber Honey full body, silky, syrupy, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel and a moderate drinkability

While I give it 5 stars for the rich flavors I still was disappointed slightly that my carbonation was definitely not on par. There is a slight amount of head but not a lot of carbonation. Call it beginners foil but also a great learning lesson. Don’t get me wrong, I really love this beer it is damn scrumptious but with the carbonation it would have been way better. Either way, I know for next time and surely, next time I make an IPA and do secondary, definitely pitching some extra yeast to compensate for the high ABV but also the yeast viability after those several weeks after fermentation finished. A perfect yet “semi flat” yet super tropically delicious masterpiece.

Anime Corner:
Samus Aran from Metroid was used in this pairing as I wanted to give representation of the whole tropical colors and flavors as shown in the label by the metroids being the mangos and Samus squeezing them extracting this very IPA. The idea was solid and I lived it. I give more details in the label description but the shine of the beer in its strength, love, passion and dedication to making one of the best tropical IPAs I could. The lil’ metroid baby sure loves to help out Samus(Squeeze)! But I digress. Maybe the condensed milk like hints were… nah it couldn’t be 😉 …


2013 (Brewcifer) Darkness by Surly Brewing

1456584_10101489612296980_2120143065_n 1441207_10101489613913740_1383984554_n 1392964_10101489614223120_164624249_n 1451618_10101489612756060_1145465204_nRating: 5.55/5 *

Darkness by Surly Brewing is a 10.3% ABV World Class Russian Imperial Stout

Brewcifer Lord of Darkness

From the depths of the Brewhouse he arises! Enveloped in raging flames, his shadowy visage commands submission to the dark nectar in his goblet. Brewcifer holds before you a massively opaque black brew with notes of chocolate, coffee, dried tart cherries and raisins. The thick body of this Russian Imperial Stout finishes sweet, with a piney resinous hop character.

Brewcifer commands that you enjoy this creation in a tulip glass, to capture the complex aromas and flavors. Brewcifer would suggest that you share with a friend. Brewcifer doesn’t want you to be a jerk.

Each year, we select a different artist to create a Darkness-inspired monstrosity. This year’s fiery creature is from the dark imagination of local artist Josh “Jawsh” Lemke.

Omar Ansari Todd Haug

Happy National Stout Day 😀 !! I Was able to find this one online, special thanks to Ben for hooking me up with this one. A contribution that is well appreciated here at brewerianimelogs. This evil brew comes all the way from Minnesota. The beer is a response to 3 Floyds Dark Lord RIS. Surly has made some of the best Midwest beers ever. I have tried several of their special releases and the majority have been very outstanding. This is the first time I try this and may consider picking this one up for future reviews if I like it.

Deep rich dark chocolate, milk chocolate, , earthy hops, roasted coffee, dark fruit notes, vanilla, toffee, caramel, that special sweet raisin bread pudding, surly yeast, dark cherries, hints of spices, anise, currants, chocolate cake, walnuts, hazelnut, some tropical essence like a hint of grapefruit and piney hops, chocolate covered mango notes, brown sugar and molasses.

Very good dark chocolate, piney, earthy hops, chocolate covered mango, vanilla, caramel, toffee, delicious rye bread, dark fruits raisins, dark cherries, currants, coffee, mocha, Kahlua notes, molasses, raisin bread pudding, tart raspberry skins, anise, pecan pie notes, brown sugar, cherry Dr. Pepper syrup notes, maple syrup, molasses, peaches and cream

Sweet,bakers dark chocolate, mild tropical and earthy hop aftertaste with lots of berries, dark fruits and syrupy mango linger. No alcohol what so ever in the taste, dangerously smooth and easy to moderate drinkability. Scary stuff

Exceptionally epic and delicious example of the style. Goes to show that not all great beers have to be bourbon barrel aged to exceed expectations. This one does its own, with no extra help. The interesting part is how the hop flavors come to play along exceedingly nice with the stout flavors. Almost saying, I am just as important as the rest of you sweet chocolate goodness. Lends a very hefty hand. You get more sweeter tropical notes as the beer gets warmer. That is where it becomes it’s best. Highly recommend it if you can get this one online or lucky enough to know where to get it or have someone who can hook it up. This devil’s water is insanely sweet and I honestly wish they would sell this year round. Would definitely be one of my favorite Russian Imperial stouts that were not Barrel aged. Definitely meets that World Class qualification.

*This beer gets the extra credit for exceeding my expectations and it did it without the help of barrel aging

Anime Corner:
Ryuoko Matoi is a character from the Kill-La-Kill series. A fierce and ruthless character who shows no fear when it comes to finding her father’s killer. Her outfit and and personality best fits the label as well as the name, Darkness, although since the beer is pretty sweet, it is a part of her personality that makes her self conscious of her body while fighting.

Second character is Satan from the series The Seven Deadly Sins from Nitro Plus. She obviously fits the brewcifer label for her being and her colors. While she is passionate about war against good, she has a weakness for cute animals which is best represented by Darkness flavors being so sweet, mysterious, smooth and appealing.

The Third character is a demonic form of Sakura Haruno from the Naruto series. While she never has this form, canonically, it is a fan art that best fit the beer in terms of the label, demon look, pink hair for the dark cherry flavors and the sharp green eyes which reflect the out-pour of the tropical hops notes within the stout

Naughty Girl Blonde India Pale Ale collaboration between New Albanian, De Struise and Louisville Beer Store

574676_10101059918930930_2080890803_n 75541_10101059918222350_2095235923_n285263_10101059917453890_633345016_nRating: 4.5/5

Naughty Girl Blonde India Pale Ale collaboration between New Albanian, De Struise and Louisville Beer Store is 6%ABV Belgian IPA.

It started out as a Belgo-American menage a trois, but then the brewers arrived and transformed the trans-oceanic affair into a beery lover pentangle. The collaborative minds at Louisville Beer Store, De Struise Brouwers and New Albanian Brewing Company offer this, a willfully disobedient Blonde India Pale Ale with a hop on her shoulder. 
Malts: Rahr 2-Row, Rahr Premium Pils, Castle (Belgian) Aromatic, CaraPils 
Hops: Cascade, Galena, Golding, Cascade for warm dry-hopping 
Yeast: De Struise House Ale 
OG 14.4 degrees plato 
IBU: 69

Naughty girl sounds like an awesome name for a beer. Blonde Ale, Sweet and Bitter. Aromas of this beer are of light bready notes, banana, mango, herbs, peppercorns, some underlying grassy hops, grapefruit and orange. The flavors are more grassy and hoppy bitter up front. The sweet bread, biscuit, wheat, honey, peppercorns, banana, pears, apples, light apricot, grapefruit and citrus comes alittle bit afterward. There is some spicy herbal almost agave like notes in there as well. Pretty nice. Some of the sweetness I get is reminiscent of the De Struise yeast while the hop profile is that which I remember from New Albanian Electoral Ale. I have had some more world class Belgian IPAs but this one is good for those who like a refreshing experience as well. Not just a lot of full bodied type of beer but medium to light type which provides a good amount of flavor while still keeping it crisp and refreshing. Belgian IPA lovers may like this one