Lupulus Classique Noir D’Ardennes by Brasserie Les 3 Fourquets

10897056_10102323458048410_5916944723079893208_nRating: 4.55/5

Lupulus Classique Noir D’Ardennes by Brasserie Les 3 Fourquets is an 8.5% ABV Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

Top-fermented beer, crafted with inspiration.


“Humulus Lupulus” or as translated better, the “Humble Wolf” is the main mascot for the hidden Farm of a brewery in Ardennes Belgium. This is the first time I try a beer from Les 3 Fourquets or The 3 Boiling Kettles and I really wanted to find it when my friend Richard showed this one to me. Now that I finally got it, I will give it a shot and let you know what I find. Cheers!

Oak, herbal and floral hop hints, dulce de leche caramel, dark fruit raisins, plums, tart cherries, raspberries, vanilla, oak, chardonay, funky wine grapes, peppercorn, brown sugar, rye, citrus, dark candi sugar, orange preserves, butterscotch, lavender, licorice and waffle cone.

Dulce de leche Caramel, Dark fruit raisins, plums, figs, funky wine grapes, caramel, oak, mild tart lemon, peppercorn, molasses, Belgian candi sugar, white grape, lavender, herbal notes, vanilla, butterscotch, old orange preserves, rye bread, anise, licorice, tart raspberry, blackberries, waffle cone, floral notes, grapefruit hints, pecan pie and trail mix.

Funky grape, dark fruits, oak, vanilla, caramel, anise, licorice, wine grapes and earthy notes but mainly finishes dry. No alcohol in the taste, medium to full body, sipping drinkability and creamy mouthfeel.

A very good Dark and mildly Tart Belgian. This beer was surprising. I was expecting a Sweet Abbey style Dark Belgian but what I got fits exactly with the whole wolf in the woods in the land where the Brewery is in Ardennes Belgium. You see, this beer is almost like a Dark Strong ale and Belgian Pale Ale Cuvee. The flavors of what makes each of those individual characteristics great using the hops and the dark candi sugars is what compliments this fine beer. I was dumb founded at first but the more I tried it the more I liked it. I would recommend a try if you really wanna get this as it is quite unique.

Anime Corner:
Vocaloid Hatsune Miku as Little Red Riding Hood was fitted perfectly in this little pairing for many reasons. Being the first beer from Les 3 Fourquets, the whole aspect of the forest, the wolf from the brewery trying to find little red riding hood and the color of her hair fits with the whole lupulus. If you look closely, you can see the wolf in the background but then again, Miku looks pretty evil herself. What if she is the true wolf in the woods disguising herself like the sweet innocent wolf looks like in the label. That is the mystery and hence why this beer is a mystery in flavors of nature as well.


Ommegang Gnomegang Collaboration

945978_10101327421368900_1439469380_n 1016992_10101327421443750_197598945_n 993397_10101327421014610_2098514948_nRating: 4.85/5

Ommegang Gnomegang Collaboration is a 9.5% ABV Belgian Strong Blonde Ale

This delectable blonde ale is a co-creation of two famed farmstead breweries: Ommegang in New York and Brasserie d’Achouffe (Chouffe) in Belgium’s Ardennes Mountains. The Chouffe gnomes brought us their yeast and we used it in primary fermentation, then bottle-conditioned with our yeast creating a fruity, aromatic and full bodied ale.

For a very long time, I always wanted to try this beer since I became a fan of Ommegang. Also, I have known Chouffe beers to be awesome. Like the one time I reviews the IPA Triple. It was exquisite. This ale was brewed years ago but was finally re-released. So before I lost my opportunity to try it, I had to get a bottle to review

Aromas are of fruity esters, peppercorns, apples, honey, spices, sourdough and biscuit bread, floral hops, coriander spice, vanilla and citrus

The flavors are of sweet honey, biscuit bread, butter scotch, pears, apples, slight peach notes, peppercorns, floral hops, spices, sourdough, phenolic notes, bananas, citrus, lemon peel, vanilla, grapes, plums, coriander, candi sugars, oatmeal, flowers and wheat

The aftertaste leaves with a nice biscuit with honey and tangerine jelly. I was quite impressed by this one. Almost easy drinking but still warm feeling that this beer brought. While the alcohol is not too present in the taste, it gets you after. 

They pulled a great beer that is close to a Belgian Pale and Saison. A golden ale bringing a lot of great complexities and sweetness to the table. Definitely one that should be picked up.