d-Unkle Peanut by Garage Brewing


Rating: 6/6

d-Unkle Peanut by Garage Brewing is a 4.8% ABV German Dunkel Weizen brewed with peanuts.


We believe in making our fresh craft beer from only the finest ingredients. And guess what? It’s really good! It’s a fun take on a classic Dunkle Weizen, and dedicated to your favorite Uncle that might just be a bit nutty.


One of my favorite styles of beer when I first started, aside from the Belgian Quadrupel, was the Dunkelweizen or Dark Hefeweizen. It is not common but definitely common in Germany and one that often does not enough love in the beer world. However, when I saw that Garage Brewing made a Dunkelweizen, and one with peanuts no less, I had to bring it to the site. Peanut butter and peanut beers are awesome. Since Dunkels have a unique clove and banana spice flavor them, it would only be fitting that this work as a banana peanut butter beer. Let’s cher it out, cheers!

Rich roasted peanuts, banana, dark fruit, maple syrup, rye bread, vanilla, cashew milk, orange notes, mango notes, hazelnut nectar and peanut butter cookies.


Peanut butter, bananas, toffee, dulce de leche caramel, flan, clove spice, dark chocolate, dark fruit, hazelnut nectar, nutella, cadbury cream eggs, banana cream pie, marshmallows, nutter butter cookies, sweetened condensed milk, almond joy, rocky road ice cream, coriander spice, orange gummies, stone fruit hints, mango, maple syrup, rye bread, vanilla, cashew milk, captain crunch peanut butter cereal, Reese’s Peanut butter cereal, biscuit bread, Danish cream and cookie dough.

Very nice nutty peanut butter, hazelnut, nutella, chocolate, bananas, earthy notes, pecan pie and peanut buttery cookies. No alcohol in the taste. Brown body, smooth, creamy and velvety mouthfeel with a moderate drinkability.


Perfect dunkel weisse, only if German law would allow, but because it does not, it does not need to. I find it awesome in my mind. Rich banana and peanut butter spicy and dark fruit goodness all around. It is nice to try something like this in a long time. I highly recommend it!
Anime Corner:

Sally Acorn from the Sonic The Hedgehog series was used in this pairing mainly since I wanted to try and find a character that is into nuts and well since I haven’t used her in pairings, I figure it was about time I paired her with her own beer.


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