Chronology:12 – Imperial Porter by The Bruery


Rating: 6/6
Chronology:12 – Imperial Porter by The Bruery is a 12.2% ABV Imperial Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels.
We’ve replaced the wheels of time with barrel heads. They don’t turn, yet they embrace the evolution of beer and time on a level that can’t be rivaled. For this Chronology Series™, we brewed an imperial porter and set it to age in bourbon barrels. Every six months, we’ll take a quarter of the barrels, blend them and bottle them. This second bottling represents the nuances imparted to the base beer after 12 months of barrel-aging.
Definitely growing one me. Sweet, chocolatey, bourbon, vanilla, oak, marshmallows, almond joy and more. Getting better with age.
6 Month Review:


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