4th Anniversary Unplugged Beam Kopi Luwak by Acoustic Ales Brewing


Rating: 7/7
4th Anniversary Unplugged Beam Kopi Luwak by Acoustic Ales Brewing is a 12.5% ABV Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed with Kopi Luwak/ Civet Coffee Beans, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Brown sugar and Molasses aged in Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Barrels
Music In Liquid Form
Limited Edition Bottle 438/480
In continuation with my previous review of the Kopi Luwak sensation from Acoustic Ales, This is the same beers as the previous Bourbon and the Wild Turkey version of the beer but this time in Jim Beam bourbon whiskey. This one seems to be even more limited. Like they only had a few barrels aging for this beer to sell. Lucky for me, Craftshack.com was able to have it and like I said before, Kopi Luwak beers are rare to come by so whenever I see one, I have to to and bring it to the site. Even if it is literally made with coffee beans that were pooped out by a furry civet/ocelot/kopi luwak. The previous beer was damn amazing! How will this compare though? Different Whiskeys and Bourbons? Let’s have a look, cheers!
Hints of what I think are definitely some kind of game. Essentially, it came from an animal, namely the Civet. Dark chocolate, bourbon, whiskey, vanilla, fruit cake, milk chocolate, dark fruits, molases, fancy coffee, espresso, marshmallow smores, rye bread, Danish cream and Irish cream.
Very Gamey kopi luwak, earthy notes, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, German Chocolate, Mexican chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, Piloncillo sugar cone, dark fruit currants, blue berries, currants, blackberries, boysenberries, dark cherry yogurt, marshmallows, Irish cream coffee, fancy coffee, Khalua Coffee, espresso, jamocha, java, cookies and cream, rocky road ice cream, molasses, banana, clove spice, tiramasu, fruit cake, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, oatmeal cookies, molasses, anise, crème brulee, flan, port wine, rye bread, brown sugar, chocolate mousse, sweetened condensed milk, cookie dough ice cream, Danish cream and chocolate coffee cheese cake.
Finishing with fancy coffee, gamey notes, oak, caramel, vanilla, gamey mocha, marshmallows, dark fruits, rich berries, currants, earthy notes, rye bread, tiramasu cake, banana, clove spice and Irish cream. Hint of  alcohol in the taste but not detracting from the flavor. Pitch black darkness like where the sun don’t shine. Smooth, creamy, velvety and syrupy mouthfeel with a sipping drinkability.
The Civet game is real! So damn real that there was a presence of gamey notes which I cannot tell if they were from the coffee of the Jim Beam whiskey. Regardless, it was a damn fantastic beer. Way to bring in some authenticity. While the other brews I had in this series bring a mixed bag of flavors, this one does too but there is definitely some coffee flavors in there are very different. It could just be that the Jim Beam brings out the best of the coffee flavors. It really doesn’t matter, this is indeed unique nd worth the find. Check it out if you are game, I highly recommend it!
Anime Corner:
Dark Mithra or Ark Angel MR from Final Fantasy XI was chosen in this pairing to represent the cat/civet/ocelot/kopi luwak in this beer. Since the beer is more dark and pronounced with the dark arts of the gamey goodness. Regardless of that, she is vicious, like the booze driven 12% but sweet in the seductive aspect as the complexity lures you into an oblivion that you cannot come back from. Similar to my Sangrileche beers I made in the past but yeah, craziness.


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