SPACE Bloody Orange Craft Cider By ACE California Cider Company

14500451_10103598607847990_4469713028129911338_oRating: 5/5 *Cider Rating

SPACE Bloody Orange Craft Cider By ACE California Cider Company is a 6.9% ABV Hard Apple Cider brewed with Blood Oranges

At a cantina on a star in a planetary system far far away, the surviving beautiful sister, takes a hit on a hookah pipe and listens for incider information… Who makes the best cider in the Universe?

SPACE it is out of this World!

I first tried this cider back when I went to the Great Society Cidery in Long Beach, California. In remember that was one of the best ciders I have ever in a while. So I went to visit the in El Monte, California and there it was. The SPACE CIDER! No questions asked, I jumped to the occasion and brought this one home since I felt it was a cider duty to share this one with the world.

Oranges, citrus, blood oranges, grapefruit, vanilla, Wild flower honey, honey blossom flowers, stone fruit apricots, sour apples, pineapple, passion and dragon fruit.

Blood Oranges, Honey blossom flowers, Wild flower honey, grapefruits, tangerine gummies, pineapple hints, dragon fruit hints, passion fruit hints, orange peels, grapefruit peel, coriander spice, sour green apples, cane sugar, kumquats and mild tart apricots.

Finishes tart and dry with flavors apples, honey, blood oranges, tart grapefruit, waffle cone, and cane sugar. No alcohol in the taste, unfiltered hazy pink grapefruit colored body, crisp, clean and refreshing mouthfeel and easy to drink.

A perfect cider. There was no doubt in my mind since that first time I tried this cider that I would have to bring it to the site. Ace makes great ciders and I have worked to try to make my ciders just as great but one using actual blood orange pulp gives me ideas to try out with future ciders for sure. Regardless, getting this one more commonly would be something I would love to see. If you love ciders, this would be great to pick up. I highly recommend this one!
Anime Corner:
Lalaco GodSpeed from Space Patrol Luluco was used in this pairing as she pairs well with being a Space Pirate, red and orange to fit with the color, ingredients and flavors of the beer. While is somewhat evil (orange bitterness), she cares for her family and would do anything for them as shown later on in the series (the sweetness of the apples and orange pulp). She is definitely one hot Milf that definitely fits with the cider and the story.


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