2017 System of a Stout by Beachwood brewing


Rating: 6/6

2017 System of a Stout by Beachwood brewing is an 11.2% ABV World Class Armenian Imperial Stout brewed in the Armenian Coffee way with cardamom, molasses and Portola Coffee beans aged in oak brandy barrels.

System of a Stout incorporates the ingredients of a traditional cup of Armenian-style coffee: cardamom, molasses, and a massive infusion of coffee from our good friends at Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa, CA. This robust and flavorful brew is then oak aged, adding even more layers of complexity. Enjoy fresh or cellar at 45-55°.


An awesome release that I haven’t tried in a while made in tribute to System of a Down. The last time I had it, it was very limited as you could only get it at the brewery. This year, many locations were able to receive this beer. Essentially, the public can now get the brew. I wanted to bring this one back since it was one of my favorite and well in the theme of System of the Down, I wanted to rock while drinking this one. There isn’t many beers made with Armenian ingredients and it is awesome to see that type of tribute many times as well. Let’s see how this one is this year, cheers!

Dark chocolate, bakers chocolate, milk chocolate, Belgian chocolate, mocha, dark espresso, java, cappuccino, Irish cream, roasted coffee, fancy coffee, anise, molasses, rye bread, toasted coconut, marshmallows, brandy, tiramisu, fruit cake and pecan pie.

Dark espresso, java, mocha, cappuccino, Irish cream, roasted coffee, fancy coffee, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, oak, brandy notes, dark fruit cherries, plums, raisins, figs, cardamom, dark chocolate, bakers chocolate, milk chocolate, Belgian chocolate, pecan pie, flan, almonds, chocolate cake, bananas, anise, molasses, rye bread, toasted coconut, marshmallows, earthy spices, piloncillo sugar cone, rocky road ice cream, tiramasu, fruit cake, sweetened condensed milk, steamed milk, malted chocolate and Cadbury chocolate eggs.

Finishing with fancy coffee, marshmallows, dark chocolate dark fruits, dark cherry, caramel, vanilla, oak, brandy and earthy spicy notes. No alcohol in the taste, Dark abyss full body, smooth, chewy, creamy and syrupy mouthfeel and sipping drinkability.

A supremely exceptional brew as before. Full of complex flavors, rich chocolate, coffee, oak, brandy and much much more. The kind that will definitely age for many years. I’m glad they started releasing this one again and this time to more hands than before. I just hope one day they release it more frequently. I highly recommend you get this one.

Anime Corner:
Marceline from Adventure Time as well as Raven/Rachel Roth and Starfire/Koriand’r were chosen for this pairing for many reasons. Marceline mainly since I used her in the original pairing to represent the rock and dark theme of System of a Down. This time, I brought Raven and Starfire using a pairing artwork from Sakimichan which goes well with the label. You can see how the blue sky and upper mountains are raven and the land and dessert are starfire. It was definitely something I really loved.



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