Candy Sours Series – Silly Straw by Valiant brewing

Rating: 6/6

Candy Sours Series – Silly Straw by Valiant brewing is a 4% ABV American Wild Ale brewed with Green Silly Straws Candies

Candy Sour Beers! What else will we think of? Our team was let loose in the brewery and came up with a unique twist of combining a Wild Sour Ale with the sweet enjoyable flavors of candies that we call our “Candy Sours”.

In this limited series, Silly Straw Sour will get your attention in more ways than one! Apple, Berries and Cherry are a few of the abundant flavors you’ll be greeted with.


I have wanted to try this beer ever since I first heard about the Candy Sour series. Not just for the appeal of it tasting just like the candies but also the green colored body. This version that was released may have actually been a re-release of the brew which actually had a green colored body as this one did not have the green colored body. That being that case, since I wanted to do the pairing based on the green color, the green that you see in the picture is actually a green light I use as a backlight. Other than that the beer should hopefully be the same as what was released in the past. Let’s give it a whirl, cheers!

Green sour silly straws, funky and musty sour notes, matured grapes, kiwi, apple notes, raspberry and lemon candy.

Rich Green sour silly straw, Golden apples, sour apples, dark fruit currants, blue raspberry, cranberries, pomegranate, tart cherries, Kiwi, Strawberry, Grape, apple jolly ranchers, mild funky cheese, candied apple, vanilla, banana hints, lemon candy and butterscotch.

Finishing with Green Tart silly straws, dry candied apple, caramel, butterscotch, tart cherries, blue raspberries, lemon candy and cane sugar. No alcohol in the taste. Batch 1 had an Ecto Cooler Green hazy body while this one has a mildly golden hazy body, crisp, smooth, refreshing and effervescent mouthfeel and finally very easy to drink.

Insane! Taste just like what it says, green silly straws. Just like I did with the Peach Rings, this one gets rated on how close it came to tasting like the actual candy, which essentially it does. Yes, its fakey candy but the body is essentially a perfect sessionable sour. I loved this one despite its complexity and I know even people that don’t like sours will love this beer as well. Definitely check it out before they are gone for good!

Anime Corner:
Terra/Tina Branford from Final Fantasy VI (III in the US) was chosen in this beer pairing as I wanted to go with the colors of the candies and in the previous batch, the green colors which pair well with Terra’s hair. The aesthetics in Terra’s attire reminds me to that of Kefka in a way. Kind of a frilly type of outfit which kind of works in the similar style to that of Willy Wonka himself.


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