Sea Rose by Ballast Point

Rating: 2.95/5

Sea Rose by Ballast Point is a 4% ABV American Wheat Ale brewed with Tart Cherries and Pomegranates.

Commercial Description:
A crisp wheat ale with a tart cherry twist.
Our Sea Rose tart cherry wheat ale is a fresh take on fruit beers. Originally conceived during an employee-led R&D brew, it’s one of our most imaginative recipes yet. The American wheat style is light and clean, while fresh cherry juice adds a soft coral color and fruity nose that gives way to a dry, slightly tart finish. It’s approachable, yet unexpected—exactly what we love to brew.


I first heard of this one while searching online for information for the Red Velvet on nitro from Ballast Point. So since it was a new fish to the list of fish added to the Ballast Point labels, I wanted to bring it to the site. It looked awesome so I chose it for that reason. Tart Cherry Wheat brews are something that I like since the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and my own homebrew, Heff By Black Cherries. So based on my experience, they are typically awesome brews. So one made by Ballast Point has got to be awesome. Let’s take a look, cheers!

Wheat grain, cereal notes, cherry hints, biscuit bread, cane sugar and lemon notes.

Cereal grains, pilsner malt, pomegranate hints, tart cherry, cranberries, wheat bread, cane sugar, honey notes, lemon and seltzer notes.

Finishing very dry with tart cherry, cranberry and pomegranates along with biscuit and cereal hints. No alcohol in the taste, super clear amber to honey light body, crisp, clean, refreshing and smoooth mouthfeel and very easy to drink.

Close to Average at best. While I feel this is super great for non craft beer drinkers and a great entrance for those that want to try other beers since it is so light and refreshing. Ultimately, it falls short on flavor with only notes of the mentioned fruit flavors. I personally would like more flavor but that is just me. I really feel for those that hardly drink craft beer and want something that is only hinted and still super light, this is an awesome beer for that. Worth a try if once but there is better out there.

Anime Corner:
Kneesocks Daemon from Panty & Stocking W/ Garterbelt was used in this pairing for the colors mainly of cherries and pomegranates. I also wanted to find something to pair with the red fish and that is where Kneesocks comes in. She is a red hot devil with a spiky hair looks frilly like the waves of the fish.


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