Victory! Victory! Victory! brewed by Angel City Brigade (Do-It-Yourself Brew)

Rating: 4.95/5
Victory! Victory! Victory! brewed by Victory! Victory! Victory! is an American Porter brewed with Coffee and Vanilla beans.


The cousin of my friend William Carranza, founder of El Borracho homebrewing, created this recipe while working with Zymurgy Brew Works and Angel City Brigade. Essentially, they opened up a “Do-It-Yourself” brewing experience where the public can brew a recipe for a fee. They would get assistance from the brewers there in making the recipe they would like to make and provide them the finish product upon completion of fermentation. William’s cousin brewed this beer and was gracious enough to allow me to do a review for it on the site. When I first tried it, I was pleasantly amazed at how good this was. Something definitely worth reviewing. While the recipe maybe a onetime deal, I’ll share it with you as a favor to my friend. Cheers!

Vanilla, dark fruit raisin hints, currants, cherry hints, mocha, roasted coffee, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cocoa, Irish cream, brown sugar, earthy hop notes, and mint chocolate chip hints.

Mocha, Roasted coffee, vanilla, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cocoa, Baker’s chocolate, caramel, anise, molasses, whipped cream, espresso, Irish cream coffee notes, mint chocolate chip, dark fruit raisin hints, currants, cherry hints, steamed milk, pecan pie hints, hazelnut nectar, earthy hops and lactose hints.

Finishes with a very nice fancy coffee and mocha roastiness, chocolate, vanilla, dark fruit and caramel. No alcohol in the taste. Dark full body, Smooth, creamy and velvety mouth feel along with an easy to moderate drinkability.

A very delicious porter. Definitely very well made having great body, smoothness, no off flavors and delicious. I loved how it had rich coffee and vanilla forward overall and some complex flavors of the dark fruits coming through. I am definitely glad I brought it here. Hopefully they can brew this one again.

Anime Corner:
Stocking Anarchy from PSG was chosen in this pairing as I wanted to show Victory as a Victory to a battle. With the name being more of a tribute and a victory pose like that of Final Fantasy VII’s cloud, I figure it would fit nicely. In addition, the beer is dark, like the artwork being used. This version of Stocking is evil.


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