2016 La Parcela No.1 by Jolly Pumpkin

16402824_10103973386982600_7926790470627842134_oRating: 5/5

2016 La Parcela No.1 by Jolly Pumpkin is a 5.9% ABV American Wild /Sour Pumpkin Ale brewed with Pumpkin, Spices and Cacao.


Ok, so the joke was that “Jolly Pumpkin doesn’t brew a pumpkin beer.” Well, now we do. Packed with real pumpkins, hints of spice, and a gentle kiss of cocoa to liven the soul. An everyday easy way to fill your squashy quotient. Guess now folks will have to find something else to joke about…


It’s been years since I have last tried this beer. The first and I think, still the best pumpkin sour for the longest time. Since they started releasing new labels for their beer, I wanted to bring some of them back to the website. This one caught my eyes especially due to the artwork. So naturally, I had to seek it out and bring this brew back to the website. Even if it is past Halloween, these beers are awesome anytime of the year. Which reminds me how I wish sometimes that they brew them all the year round. So let us see how one of the, if not, the best pumpkin sour beers in the world is since I last tried it. Cheers!


peppercorn, vanilla, caramel, Stone fruit peaches, apricot, pumpkin pie, brown sugar, cinnamon, chocolate notes, piloncillo sugar cone, nutmeg, passion fruit, mango, oak, citrus, wine grapes, hibiscus, sweet potato pie, bananas and clove spice.


Rich Stone fruit peaches, apricot, pumpkin pie, pumpkin flesh, cinnamon, Dark chocolate, white chocolate, sweet potatoes, sweet squash, flowers, hibiscus, honey, waffle cone, bananas, piloncillo sugar cone, clove spice notes, brown sugar, funky oak, cane sugar, citrus, tangerines, kumquats, wine grapes, white grapes, nutmeg, phenolic notes, peppercorn, vanilla, caramel, sour apples, mango notes and passion fruit.


Finishing with rich stone fruit peaches, funky sour white grape notes, pumpkin flesh, chocolate, lemon peel and flowers. No alcohol in the taste, Golden amber hazy body, smooth, crisp, and effervescent mouthfeel along with a moderate to sipping drinkability.


Still the perfect pumpkin sour. With a name like Jolly Pumpkin for a brewery, you would definitely want to make a really delicious pumpkin beer and this is it. For the brewery that started my sour path in the beginning, this was one of the best ways to go. Since their focus is on sours, they can really get brews to taste very delicious and not strictly lactic sour. These funky tart beers are amazing and this one in particular is full of pumpkin goodness which really balances out the tartness overall. Highly recommended like other JP beers.

Anime Corner:

Naruto and Bleach characters for Halloween as well as Succubus/Devil Rukia Kutchiki were chosen for this review since the first review of this beer. So I wanted to bring them back to go with the new beer label. I think Rukia makes it better especially the one where she is inside the pumpkin and has the cat like and devil features that fit the label.




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