2017 Rue D’Floyd collaboration between 3/Three Floyds, Dark Matter Coffee and The Bruery

15975210_10103915859448240_7644646566641312764_oRating: 7/7

2017 Rue D’Floyd collaboration between 3/Three Floyds, Dark Matter Coffee and The Bruery is a 13.5% ABV Imperial Porter aged with Vanilla in Bourbon Barrels with Tart Cherries and Dark Matter Coffee.

This collaborative brew rises from the ashes in epic fashion, showcasing a heavy-handed display of barrel character, roastiness and dark fruit elements. It’s a testament to the spirit of continued experimentation

We regrouped with our friends at 3 Floyds to resurrect this imperial porter. Condemned to bourbon barrels for nearly a year, this one dark display of roasted malts, charred oak and blackened cherry character with notes of scorched baker’s chocolate. It’s pulled from the depths with sweet vanilla beans, tart cherries and Dark Matter Coffee, holding the palate prisoner and perpetuity.

Released to Hoarders and Reserve Society alike, it has been years since the release of this beer. Since the issue they had with the quality of the initial release, they did not want to risk bad bottles back then which really turned people off from this beer. I remember when this first came out I got it to the site as soon as possible and the beer was great! It was so great I was upset I would not see it again. Thank the beer dark lords it is back. This beer is what I think many people really wanted from the longest time. A collaboration with Three Floyds of Indiana to use their Dark Lord making skills at creating a massive beer with the Black Tuesday lords at the The Bruery. They have come together once again to create this literal liquid chaos of sense engulfing darkness. Now all I have left to say is how it can compare to however my brain can remember from the original. The best part is that it will not go bad! So cheers and hope you can get one, I am recommending it right off the bat!

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Finishing rich mocha, dark chocolate, cherry cordial, bourbon, milk chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, pecan pie, banana split chocolate cherry sundae, oak, toasted coconut, rocky road ice cream
No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV, dark pitch black full body, smooth, creamy, chewy, velvety and syrupy mouthfeel and sipping drinkability.

I almost forgot how delicious this beer was that when I finally had again it all came back to me. This is indeed, is really a bucket lister. No joke. I had really forgotten why I loved this beer so much until I brought to the site once again. It was so influential, that I am actually making a stout to mimic the insanity of this collaboration. This beer is literally Liquid Cherry Mocha. Like the Life is Like brew I had years ago, this one continues and continues. With this fresher batch, I hope you are able to find this one but definitely hope that the Bruery keeps releasing this one. A must GET!
Anime Corner:
Haruko Haruhara and Naota Nandaba from FLCL (Fooley Cooley) were used in this pairing to show case the colors of the label, the flavors, the collaboration, the ticking time bomb aspect and just the insane aspect that this collaboration brings. Aside from the colors of the label. Haruko represent the cherries and the coffee as well as the very dangerous aspect of the beer. The smoothness of the beer can be seen in the cuteness of her demeanor but don’t ever let that fool you. This woman is demented and insane. Cute on the outside, monster on the inside. Naota Nandaba, is the admirer which you can think of him providing the extra flavors as being the main character of the series. Now the ticking time bomb has to do with the short temper that Haruko has and the short time that these 2 have together. I won’t spoil the story, but c’mon, it is such a great series…. for only being 6 episodes long!! There, you have no excuse not to watch FLCL… now just like I said before… Go get this beer, find the show and watch it! You will be in for a ride!

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