2016 Hoarders Cuvée by The Bruery

14706807_10103627997276340_5489917699019132626_oRating: 7/7

2016 Hoarders Cuvée by The Bruery is an 18.5% ABV American Strong Ale/Old Ale/Cuvée hybrid aged in bourbon barrels, raspberries, vanilla beans and cacao nibs.
An invitation to join The Bruery Hoarders Society is the ultimate nod in how far you’ve come in your craft beer journey. Each year as a member, you get access to some of the most elusive and exclusive beers (such as this) and one-of-a-kind experiences, like going toe-to-toe with your peers in blending sessions exclusive to Hoarders.

This Cuvée is the icing on the cake – literally – as it took top honors in the Hoarders Cuvée blending tournament to be produced by The Bruery in 2016. Featuring a nearly equal blend of our most storied bourbon barrel-aged beers – Black Tuesday and our anniversary ale – with additions of raspberries, vanilla beans and cacao nibs, this beer was designed by Hoarders Society member, Paul Moore, and his teammate, Luis Barriga, to embody the ultimate cupcake. It’s the first fruited beer of its kind out of The Bruery, and a fitting release for the first installment in the newly minted Hoarders Cuvée series.
Exclusively released to Hoarders Society only, unless you can trade for another Hoarders member or there is a special someone that is a huge fan of the site to donate! They basically made a special edition Mélange X (by X I mean some kind of number given to Mélange beers that mix Black Tuesday, Anniversary Ales and other ales or ingredients). I’ll be honest, there would be no way I could get my hands on this unless I buy it in the special online sites or trade. This website has slowly been grabbing a small trend of followers of which I especially admire. They were able to donate this one to me seeing as I love lots of the Bruery beers. As a Reserve member I can only bring so much to the table to help those that look for these beers. So they decided to make some kind of raspberry cupcake beer. It is very interesting as my last home brewing experiments with raspberries lead to a crazy fruity beer about “DRAGONS”. Interesting stuff for sure but this is the first time they release some Hoarders exclusive beer. Seems very special to and one I am happy to have you guys to thank, my readers and fans to provide this one to me. Let’s have a look! Cheers!
Super Rich Raspberry chocolate, cake, oak, bourbon, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, Banana Split Sundae, pecan pie, fruit cake, hazelnut nectar, sweetened condensed milk, marshmallows, raspberry cheesecake, flan, crème brulee, dark fruit raisins, blackberries, currants, plums, blueberries, red velvet cake, berries and cream, raspberry indulgence candies, Danish cream, dark chocolate, cherry chocolate cordials and Chambord raspberry liqueur.

Super rich berries and cream, Raspberry indulgence candies, red velvet cake, strawberry short cake, raspberry chocolate cup cake, dark fruit raisins, blackberries, currants, plums, blueberries, dragon fruit, passion fruit, raspberry yogurt, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, German chocolate, Baker’s chocolate, Belgian chocolate, rich Chambord raspberry liqueur, cake icing, raspberry cobbler, cherry cobbler, Danish cream cookies, dulce de leche caramel, marzipan, mazapan, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie, banana split sundae, cherry cordials, flan, crème brulee, double chocolate raspberry cake, raspberry cheesecake, vanilla, marshmallows, oak, sweetened condensed milk, campfire smores, raspberry preserves on toasted rye bread, and almond joy ice cream.
Finishes in rich raspberry chocolate cake goodness, flan, crème brulee, raspberry sweetened condensed milk, Danish cream cookies, dark fruit, vanilla, cheesecake, raspberry preserves, dark cherry yogurt, fruit cake, bourbon, oak and dulce de leche caramel. Despite the 18.5% ABV, this ends with subtle to no alcohol in the taste. Crazy right? Begins Deep Dark full body but as you sip more of it, it starts to look more like a crimson deep dark body. Smooth, velvety, creamy, syrupy and chewy mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.

A bucket lister in its own damn right. Reminding me in some ways of my own creation, the Raging Passio-Lactus Raspear Dragons but basically missing the chocolate and vanilla and very important, the awesomeness of Black Tuesday and their Anniversary Old Ale. Essentially, my brew is still leagues away in complexity simply due to what I was going for. Nevertheless, the interesting combination of Raspberries, Chocolate and Vanilla are definitely something I plan to focus on. Essentially, this bucket lister gave me more ideas for another home brew. What can I say, when you home brew, you have a bit of knowledge which is power to make similar great beers. Even so, I still help local breweries to share info on them from the site. As far this raspberries chocovanille buttercup goes, I extremely recommend to those who definitely want to seek it. I have tried so many great beers and this is hugely, one of a kind!!!!
Anime Corner:
Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan was previously chosen when I did the review for Cacaonut. She was used in that special Bruery beer but sadly, the beer was short lived due to lactic infections in the beer. Since then I had not used her in another beer pairing. However, seeing as a beer that used raspberry and chocolate as well as vanilla in a Bruery beer, I had to bring her back. Especially since I had done an awesome review with her in my first Raspberry bourbon barrel-aged stout. Although that one did not have chocolate and vanilla and was more about the emphasis on tropical and exotic fruits. As I drank this though, some flavors of the beer did remind me of my home brew, so there was definitely a need to bring her back to the mix. Besides, for a special brew like this, I have to choose some of the best characters.
Aside from the colors of the ingredients like vanilla and raspberry which can be easily seen through her colors, the armored dark dragon knight armor she wears with her holding the fireball represents something important about the name “Hoarders”. Essentially, I think, which may not be true but, if you are a Hoarder (especially Hoarders Society) and feel really awesome about your status, you are represented by unlimited power as shown by Yoko. However, with great power comes great responsibility as Uncle Ben from Spiderman once said to Peter Parker. Essentially, enjoy that society has given you the ability to enjoy something that the few can only understand but do not forget where you came from. Absolute Power can corrupt Absolutely. Love your beer friends, share a beer or whatever you hoard. Let others know you can still be humble. Yoko despite her hardships still knew how to help others and was a selfless character, Hot anime girl appearances aside. Definitely check out Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan.

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