Tangerine Soul Style IPA by Green Flash

14138250_10103494896191980_5969253786494613664_o 14114945_10103494897055250_4241611875515062724_oRating: 4.75/5

Tangerine Soul Style IPA by Green Flash is a 6.5% ABV India Pale Ale brewed with Tangerines, Citra and Cascade hops.

Enjoy a SoCal summer year-round with Tangerine Soul Style IPA. This delectable brew is a one-way ticket to taste bud paradise. Relax and take in the brilliant, golden color and fresh aroma of effervescent tangerine. Tangerine zest carries throughout, accented by bright, floral, tropical flavors and a juicy finish. Brewed with American malts and a blend of Citra and Cascade hops, this is a beautiful brew to behold.


Obtained this brew thanks to my friend Neal Lemons. I had not heard of this one before and I had not had a chance to try much of Green Flash beers aside from Silva Stout. This one looks very promising especially since it was recommended by my friend. This brew was released for the summer in many places where the Green Flash beers are sold. Let’s have a chug at this shall we? Cheers!

Citrus, Grapefruit, floral, herbal, piney and dank grassy hop notes, tangerines gummies, tangerine zest, tropical fruit mango, kiwi, strawberry, honey dew melon, passion fruit, dragon fruit, pineapple, starburst candy and biscuit bread.

Lots of tangerines, tangerine peels, tangerine gummies, oranges, orange peel, lemon peel, lemon candy, herbal, piney, grapefruit and floral hops, tangerine preserves on biscuit bread, mild cane sugar notes, coriander, stone fruit peach hints, tropical fruit kiwi, honey dew melon, passion fruit hints, dragon fruit, mild mango notes, strawberries, pineapple notes, papaya hints, cherry hints, starburst candies and wheat bread.

Finishes dry with lots tangerine notes, hoppy citrus, and tropical flavors but mainly herbal and grassy hops. No alcohol in the taste, gold pale yellow clear body, crisp, refreshing and clean mouthfeel as well as very easy to drink!

A very delicious beer whose flavors of citrus are definitely amplified by the tangerine addition. Tangerines are sweet citrucy fruits so I think with the addition of the tangerines, citra and cascade makes for one ridiculously citrucy and tropical IPA. This one did not have a lot of malt back bone which many people may love in their IPA. A definite recommendation.

Anime Corner:
Yang Xiao Long from the RWBY series was used in this pairing as I wanted to pair with the color of the label, ingredients such as the tangerines, body and even the palate bite in the form of her strong punches. The name Tangerine soul also applies to her as her power resonates with that of the colors presented in this beer. Her soul burns with passion like the tangerines forward in this beer. The more you drink the sweeter she seems but the palate ruining will ensue like the fires of hell. You’ll be back for more.


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