Roselle (LÄCTOBÄC: TWO) by Fair State CO-OP

14045742_493655160830591_4636984271957178798_nRating: 4.5/5

Roselle (LÄCTOBÄC: TWO) by Fair State CO-OP is a 5.7% ABV American Wild Ale brewed with Hibiscus.

Sour beer brewed with Hibiscus, tart & floral.


I had received a can of this sour when I obtained it as an extra when I ordered the Pipeworks Brewing Lil Citra. This was unexpected but any new beer that can be added to the website is more than welcome. This one being a sour made with hibiscus gives it a very nice cherry looking color to it. Without much info on this beer, let’s see what this one is about. Cheers!

Tart grapes, flowers like roses, lavender, hibiscus, chamomile, biscuit bread, vanilla, cane sugar, sakura cake, wheat, coriander hints, lemon peel and peppercorns.

Hibiscus, Rose petals, lavender, Sakura Cherry blossoms, mild grape wine notes, cane sugar, vanilla, mango, passion fruit dragon fruit, kiwi, pink peppercorn notes, cherries, strawberry jam, grapefruit hints, sakura cake, hibiscus petals, biscuit bread, raspberry yogurt notes, wheat, coriander hints, lemon peel and lemon candies.

Finishes dry with hints of hibiscus, cane sugar, raspberry hints and lavender. No alcohol in the taste, rosy pink hazy body, creamy, crisp, refreshing and effervescent mouth feel and very easy to drink.

Definitely a very good beer. Very floral than fruity sour and has a great color. There are few beers that use hibiscus and while I have enjoyed others that I loved more, this one is definitely awesome especially since it is canned. This one is worth a try.

Anime Corner:
Juri Han from the Street Fighter series was used in this pairing as I wanted to pair with the different colors of the label but also since her colors pair with the flavors and the ingredients used to make the beer and the beer color as well.


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