Raging Passion Lactus Raspear Dragons by Nubis Sanctum Ales


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Raging Passion Lactus Raspear Dragons by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 10% ABV Imperial Milk Stout brewed with Raspberries, Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit and Red Prickly Pear Tunas Oak aged in Dragon’s Milk Beer Barrel Bourbon.

Deep within the womb of time, a Dragoness thus be born and thus the tale is told. Upon an age old icy
crystal mountain, was home to the kind and magical dragoness who’s torment of being the last of her kind could not be comforted. The people feared her. The fanatics adored her, The kingdoms wished for her destruction. Until one day, something had happened.

The kingdoms faced demise from a natural disaster. A meteor crashed on the mountain causing a large
avalanche. While the Dragoness did manage to escape, she used her powers and melted the avalanche thus saving the kingdoms. The people had finally accepted her as one of their own and she became a legend. In honor of that day, the liquid water that trickled down the land from the melted ice, the milky fluid of the meteor mixed with her collection of exotic ingredients burnt by her flames during the
rescue, along with the burnt trees gave birth to this magic potion. In Honor of the new Dragoness Knight, All Hail the Dragoness, Her story will live on forever!

Ingredients: Water, Malts, Hops, Lactose Milk Sugar, Pureed Raspberries, Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Red Prickly Pear Tunas, Oak Chips Aged “Dragon’s Milk Beer Barrel Bourbon” and Yeast.

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Project# 15 unleashes the dragons! This epitome of a beer is centered on dragons! Lots and lots of dragons. From the fruits, the milk, the bourbon and the alcohol. Dragons… Dragons everywhere! My inspiration for this brew came from the fact that I started really liking Raspberry stouts. Especially the Dragon’s Milk Reserve with Raspberries from New Holland. So when I had the idea, hmmm I should make a beer about dragons…. wait!!! That’s when it hit me, I will make one with some exotic Dragon fruit. I also wanted some passion fruit to go with it too and my friend Alex Bahamaca was able to inspire me since I remembered how good actual passion fruits were from his passion fruit tree. The Dragon fruit I was able to get from an Asian Market and thanks to my brother Martin and his wife Elly I knew what I had to do. Using the original bourbon I used from Sangri Leche, the Dragon’s Milk Bourbon which was New Holland’s Bourbon made from a barrel that used to age Dragons Milk Stout, it was only the perfect addon to my dragon’s milk themed beer. Aged one month in the fruit and a week in oak that was sitting for 2 months, now the beer is carbonated, it is time to see what my creation has spawned. Cheers!

Vanilla, oak, Rich Raspberries, Dragon Fruit, Passion fruit, Red prickly pear tunas, strawberries, , Milk sugar, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, fudge cake, raspberry Chambord, bourbon hints, port wine hints, toasted rye bread, pecan pie, sweetened condensed milk hints, hazelnut nectar and dulce de leche caramel hints.

Super Rich punch of Raspberries, Tropical Fruit Rich Dragon fruit, Passion fruits, Rich Oak, Vanilla, Caramel, toffee, butterscotch hints, Milk sugar, Milk chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberries, Fudge cake, Hints of bourbon, caramel, marshmallows, port wine notes, Raspberry Chambord, oranges, citrus, dark fruit raisins, currants, plums, dark cherry cheesecake notes, wine grapes, strawberries, raspberry marmalade on rye toast, pomegranates, molasses, mint, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie, sweetened condensed milk hints, boysenberry cobbler and crème brulee.

Finishing rich in raspberries and lots of oak, dark fruit, vanilla, caramel, dark cherries, dark chocolate, and wine notes. Deep Dark Bloody Crimson Full Body, very smooth, creamy, rich and velvety mouthfeel and easy to moderate drinkability.

An exceptional brew that packs a punch of fruitiness. While I know the oak was a bit much, the fact that I added Sooooo much fruit may have cut down a bit of the Stouty characteristics. Despite that, it is still a milk stout and I think the oakiness fades as the beer is warmers. I think people that like oaky and fruity stouts will love this one. The Bourbon did not come as strong as I had hoped it would but that is okay as the original Dragon’s Milk has only notes of it as well. I was supremely happy with this one. So much like the Sangri Leche that I figure was my best beer. This one being my second best. I really do surprise myself sometimes and I am glad friends and family love these beers. One day, I would love to make beers for the masses. Only time will tell…
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Anime Corner:
Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan was used in this pairing as I was looking for a reason to make a beer with her as the theme. Her red hair paired so well with a raspberry, red tuna and dragon fruit beer that I had to add her. The only problem was, aside from her fiery hair and tank top and possibly the skull, there really wasn’t anything else I could add to the beer that would say dragon. That is until… I found the awesome artwork with Yoko in Dark Knight Dragon Armor. I was like, HOLY SHIT!!!! it was meant to be… I was meant to brew an awesome beer about dragons and using this artwork, all the hardwork would come to fruition. So it did! I still added the original Yoko and an awesome version of Yoko with the glasses and the little pet Pig-Mole Boota as a nice finishing touch. I am sure many will come to appreciate it.



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