Persius’ Spiraling Lament by Nubis Sanctum Ales

12640351_10103044329486270_5273629709293888756_o 921088_10103044330554130_1901389850485705992_oRating: 4.75/5

Persius’ Spiraling Lament by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 5.78% ABV Cream Ale Brewed with Calypso and Medusa Hops.


Homebrew Project #12
Yes, that’s correct! Medusa hops! The type of hops that are not available in the market and have yet to be brewed commercially. There are many perks to the hops as they seem to be not typically for west coast styles but mainly giving aromas and flavors like guava, melon, apricot and citrus fruit. Seemed like a win-win here especially when I bought the ingredients for the recipe. This is my first attempt at a cream ale and while it may be light, I hope it is not far from delicious. Cheers

Tropical fruit hints kiwi, strawberries, blueberry hints, dragon fruit, guava, papaya, Citrus, grapefruit, piney and herbal hops, cane sugar, vanilla hints, pilsner grains, Stone fruit hints of peach, apricot, apples and biscuit bread.

Citrus, orange peels, grapefruit, piney, herbal, grassy hops, tropical fruit kiwi, strawberries, blueberry hints, dragon fruit, rich guava fruit, papaya, rainbow sherbet, raspberries, cherries, Rich Stone fruit apricots, peaches, peach cobbler, Danish cream, caramel, vanilla, pilsner malt grains, biscuit bread and cane sugar notes.

Finishes with some nice tropical and stone fruit notes, citrus orange, herbal and grapefruit hop at the end. No alcohol in the taste. Golden Honey colored hazy to full body, creamy, smooth, crisp, clean and refreshing mouthfeel and easy to drink.

A very good cream ale. I really enjoyed this one mainly since I never had the medusa hops before but it made for such a delicious beer. The cream side of the brew balanced out the hops well to release more of the fruitiness that the hops carried. So far, I think it was well worth the brew and will definitely brew it again if I can get the hops again.

Anime Corner:
Nia Teppelin from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan was used in this pairing because I wanted to find something that would pair with not only the color of hops but also Medusa herself. In this pairing, Nia I fit the best since she has the crazy spiraling long hair which could be said is like Medusa’s Snake hair. The reason it is called Persius Spiraling Lament is because Persius was the one that took down Medusa according to the mythological story of Medusa. In my story though (well what I invented for the beer) Persius had regretted killing off Medusa and turning her to Stone. The face Nia makes in the drawing shows the regret as reflected to Persius. Funny how it was the Mirror that turned Medusa to Stone…


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