Preservation Series: Arrrggghhh! by The Bruery

12038911_10102848154896720_5657527898995745653_o 11952836_10102848156189130_5767722802608509845_oRating: 5.25/5

Preservation Series: Arrrggghhh! by The Bruery is a 7.7% ABV Imperial Pilsner brewed with Rice and Coconut.

“Shiver me Timbers!”

Arrrggghhh! Be refreshin’ly tropical and surprisn’ly hoppy. Perfected fer a sunny day on the high seas, but just as well for a landlubeber like ye. This lager is best enjoyed fresh for peak flavor. The ideal storin’ and servin’ temperature be 40°F (4°C). Best Served in a tulip, wine glass, or pewter drinking tankard.Yo Ho!


Preservation society has released a special grog that be essentially a way t’ deal with t’ current El Niño climate we be currently facin’ here in California. T’ grog be essentially a clean and cool grog t’ sail that last part o’ summer. Essentially, this golden liquid be t’ booty you be claimin’ on t’ long voyage through t’ grog world. It says best enough fresh so lets see if this be worthy o’ settin’ t’ flags up and sailin’ to t’ closest Bruery shop.

Coconut, banana hints, tropical notes, peppercorn, pilsner malt, biscuit bread, rice cake, citrus, grapefruit, herbal and floral hops, green tea ice cream, bread pudding hints, sweetended condensed milk, flan hints and stone fruit hints.

Vanilla, oak, toffee, coconut, toasted coconut, cocada coconut candy, mochi balls, redbean ice cream, green tea ice cream, rum hints, clean pilsner malt, biscuit bread, coconut bread, pineapple, banana notes, crème brulee hints, flan hints, rice cake, rice pudding, tapioca, tres leches, sweetened condensed milk, white raisin bread pudding, tropical fruits of dragon fruit, passion fruit, mango, guava, papaya, strawberry, kiwi, grapefruit, lemon grass, piney, herbal and floral hops, hints of peppercorn, stone fruit peaches and apricot.

Finishes with a dry yet sweet and hoppy aftertaste hitting a lot of pleasing notes from the coconut, rice, vanilla, tropical fruits, stone fruits, sweetened rice and coconut pastries, herbal and floral hops. No alcohol in the taste, golden light body, very easy to drink and smooth, crisp, creamy, refreshing and clean mouthfeel. Overall, pleasant!

10/10, 100/100, best beer, best beer! (JonTron homage)
Damn! If this did not come out of Davey Jones locker I don’t know what to say. The sweetness is damn on par with delicious coconut rice pudding. This is one hell of a beer. I really don’t know how they were able to incorporate the rice and coconut in there. I can find myself drinking this every single day without stop. Sounds crazy right? Well, this beer is so damn light and so damn drinkable that its dangerous cuz its so damn delicious!

Anime Corner:
Rikku from the Final Fantasy X and X-2 series was used in this pairing to pair as the pirate of gold. The golden liquid inside the bottle that is mainly the treasure overall. Rikku pairs her colors and complements the beer color, the label colors but mainly the whole theme of this being a pirate beer overall. Also, with the beach setting, it is like she is out in a tropical island somewhere which showcases the beers tropical flavors.


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