La ManzArcángel Chapter 2: Mālum Ex Machina by Nubis Sanctum Ales

11406383_10102665597019170_9079363880870840017_oRating: 4.65/5

La ManzArcángel Chapter 2: Mālum Ex Machina by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 13% ABV Belgian Trappist Honey Crisp Apple Cider made with Organic Blue Agave Syrup and Mexican Cane Sugar.


Project#8 is the return of my original recipe for the Belgian Cider made with Blue Agave Syrup and Trappist Yeast but using Honey Crisp Apple Cider and Mexican Cane Sugar/ Azucar Morena. The idea for the name came from the original Holy Cider theme that I was going with and in essence since I was going to use the left over Trappist yeast cake that I had left from the Blinding Lunar Currants Cider. In essence, the second chapter is a play at the word for Apple and Evil and Latin ‘Mālum’. Yes, it seems there is dual meaning here. Although, this cider is supposed to be Holy, it should be more Godly than anything but can a God be pure? Well, It’s like comparing apples and oranges so lets find out. Cheers!

Sour Apples, peppercorn, citrus, honey, brown sugar, grape hints, dark fruit hints, Belgian phenolic notes, vanilla, dulce de leche, cherry notes, and piloncillo.

Tart Sour apple notes, grape hints, apples, pears, agave hints, strawberry notes, rich citrus, orange notes, lemon peel, brown sugar, cane sugar, banana hints, clove hints, pineapple hints, Stone fruit peaches, apricot hints, peppercorn, floral notes, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, cinnamon, toffee, pilocillo hints, toffee, pecan pie hints and plantains.

Tart and sweet finish, sugary apple remnants, banana notes, clove spices, honey, vanilla, pears. Chardonay hints, clove spice, hazelnut, berries and brown sugar. Slight boozyness in the taste but not as much as the original, Gold and brown Hazy body, sipping drinkability and a slight crisp and creamy mouthfeel.

A slight mark above the original as the booziness has become more subtle but the complexity of it takes another direction from what the original did. It seems like it is more in the sweet yet tart taste which is most likely from the use of the yeast cake and the fact that there was some hints of the Black Currant cider in the yeast cake as well. All and all, it was mainly as way to see how the yeast cake can flourish even after the initial cider has completed. I think what I will do for next time is ferment the regular cider and then use the yeast for another cider but then any additives will be in the secondary. Either way, I really love how this one came and and definite on the honey and banana citrus edge.

Anime Corner:
Lightning Claire Farron, from the Final Fantasy XIII series was chosen in this pairing to go with the Belgian Cider as I wanted to use something that had to do with something Holy as it is a Belgian Monk themed cider and similarly, I wanted to do something like the saint. The Spanish name was give as it uses the Agave Syrup as I mentioned before. For lightning, she became a messenger of God, a holy knight of God in the series. Lightning returns in Chapter 2 holding the very power of God from the apples. She is not quite evil (which could be said something about the tartness about the taste) but because she is closer to God, she has no human emotions as she remains neutral. The strength of the cider to be something above of what it used be could be seen Godly. Thankfully, this cider is not evil and it is deliciously and holy goodness.


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