Gyeonju Beopju Ssal Makkoli

11665738_10102665613880380_8119317239606328079_nGyeonju Beopju Ssal Makkoli is a 6% ABV Sparkling Rice Wine.

Rice has been cut & clipped to fine polished makkoli.

Commercial Description:
Makkoli or “Makgeolli” is made by fermenting a mixture of boiled rice, wheat, and water, which gives it an off-white color. This milky fermented rice wine has yeast, proteins, amino acids — and a lower alcohol level than other wines.


A gift from my future sister-in-law, Elli. As praise for the gift, I decided to do a review of this Korean Sparkling Rice Wine. I have never done a wine review (except a barleywine) and while I really like sticking to beer, I felt this treat was worthy of a mention. This milky bottle of pearl whites is a rice wine or rice beer called Makgeoli which like stated in the description, low in alcohol. I think this is why it can be enjoyed many times where as a glass a wine would get someone buzzed. Anyways, on with the review. Geonbae! Elli and Kamsahamnida!

Almond, coconut hints, pineapple hints, rice pudding, sweetened condensed milk hints and hazelnut.

Vanilla, caramel, Cinnamon hints, rice pudding, sweeteened condensed milk/leche nestle, horchata hints, pears, hazelnut, almond milk, coconut hints, pineapple hints, marzipan and berry notes.

Rice, vanilla, caramel, coconut hints, rice pudding, cinnamon, and slight almond milk but then finishes dry. No Moderate drinkability, Pearl White Milky full body, and a creamy, silky and milky mouthfeel.

This is the first time I do a review of a wine. This is one I really liked. It is not overpowering and it is not overly sweet but the sweetness it does have blends well and seem really natural. Yea, I could definitely see myself getting this one again. I would definitely recommend it to those that like sweet wines especially rice wines or rice beers in this case which it seems to be an in between beverage.

Anime Corner:
Original character by Kome100 was used in this pairing since I wanted to pair something that was in relation to rice as well as an oriental type of attire like the kimono. Something like that seemed to fit in my mind and the best part is this one is best drunk as cold as possible. Delicious!


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