Crasher in the Rye by Clown Shoes brewing

11130485_10102497538584620_944438898415187265_o 11082393_10102497539188410_8439793951855450834_oRating: 6/5

Crasher in the Rye by Clown Shoes brewing is an 11.5% ABV Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout aged in Rye and Bourbon Barrels.

Ahhh, What better smell is there than chupacabras, defeated, burning in a field of rye? Umm, perhaps the complex aromatics of Crasher in The Rye? Texas oak smoked malt, from Blacklands Malt Company, as well as a touch of rye malt, complement the roasted bittersweet core if the brew. Aged 100% in Rye and Bourbon barrels.


Obtained this guy at the Whittier Liquor in Whittier California. As many of the Clown Shoes beers go, they have all been pretty damn phenomenal. This beer is a milk stout in bourbon barrels. I can only imagine crazy the beer is going to be as Milk stout, especially ones that are made right but then those that are bourbon barrel aged tend to be very delicious. Well, let’s give this this warrior a shot. Cheers!

Dulce de leche caramel, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, mocha, velvet chocolate mousse, lactose milk sugar, flan, dark fruits, fudge brownies, bourbon, rye bread, vanilla, brown sugar, molasses, rocky road ice cream and smokey campfire notes.

Rich milk chocolate, lactose milk sugars, chocolate milk shake, rye bread, bourbon, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, oak, smokey notes, campfire smores, almond joy, toasted coconut, dark fruit raisins, plums, figs, molasses, chocolate, bakers chocolate, dark chocolate, rocky road ice cream, waffle cone, vanilla caramel, velvet chocolate mousse, chocolate cream cake, fudge brownies, coffee notes, molasses, malted milk balls, mocha, Irish cream, whipped cream, crème brulee, marshmallows, oreo cookies, Danish cream, flan, brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and oatmeal cookies.

Lots of milk chocolate, dark fruits, flan, Irish cream, oatmeal cookies, oreo cookies, marshmallows, coconut hints, rye, bourbon, mild earthy and smokey notes finish at the end. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV, Rich, very smooth, creamy and silky mouth feel, easy to drink despite the ABV that is is pretty much ridiculous.

This beer is pretty damn ridiculous. It drinks wayyyyy too easy for its own good. The fact that it s a milk and oatmeal stout then age it in rye and bourbon barrels is like leading a moth to flames. There were not joking about this being a huge setup. IT’S A TRAP type of deal since it is so damn smooth yet its so strong at 11.5% ABV. You drink the bottle quick and you won’t feel nothing until half an hour later. I highly recommend this ridiculous beer on many merits and is a sinful, bliss and guilty pleasure.

Anime Corner:
Cammy White from Street Fighter was used in this pairing as I wanted to pair her with the beers colors and the pose of the Crasher squatting next to the burning chupacabras. The green colors of the chupacabras and the duck sitting next to the Crasher are on Cammy. Also the color of her beret goes with the cap that the crasher is wearing. While the beers is so delicious and drinkable, like how hot Cammy is, it does not take away from the fact that this beer is still 11% ABV and like that strength, Cammy is an extreme and skilled fighter that would break necks if angered.


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