Heff By Black Cherries by Nubis Sanctum Ales

11043307_10102462859761260_9002800120329860917_oRating: 4/5

Heff By Black Cherries by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 5% ABV Dunkelweizen brewed with Organic Black Cherry syrup.


Project #3 was brewed right after brewing my Belgian Quadruple which will not be ready for a couple more weeks. Technically, this is the second homebrew of mines that I review. The idea came from the need to brew something sweet while I waited for the Quad to be ready. My friend Oscar told me about how he liked cherry heffs and I remember seeing a recipe for it. As a twist from that original recipe, I decided to use Organic Black Cherry syrup instead of typical Cherry Juice. The name of the beer came from the need to think of something that would be cool and fit with Heffweizens and Black Cherries. Heff By Black Cherries is a pun at Death By Black Cherries as I actually fit the name based on the artwork I chose for it which I will elaborate further as I go along. For now, let’s see how Project#3 turned out. Cheers!

Coriander, clove spice, oranges, vanilla, caramel, hints of black cherry, peppercorn hints, fruity pebbles hints, peach hints and honey.

Banana, clove spice, Black cherry notes, coriander spice, dark fruit raisin hints, vanilla, caramel, honey hints, orange peel, citrus, peach hints, toffee, banana split hints, rock candy and Danish cream.

Leaves with a bit of a minor tart aftertaste from the black cherries. The orange, bananas, clove spice, honey and a bit of peach lingers along with the earthy hop bitterness. No alcohol in the taste, dark caramel gold body, crisp and refreshing mouth feel and easy to drink.

A very good heffeweizen. I was more impressed the more I tried it. I think it started off pretty tart but as I went along and the beer got warmer, the flavors started to get more balanced where the German heffeweizen side started to take over and cut some of the tartness. As a result, with a clear palate, some of that banana melded really well with the cherries giving hints of like a banana split but super subtle. I would like to brew this one again for sure.

Anime Corner:
Ruby Rose from RWBY was used in this pairing to mainly to represent the Black Cherries of the beer. The name Heff By Black Cherries is a pun at Death By Black Cherries as since Ruby carries around a scythe, I thought it was perfect as she is the “ Black Cherry Death that causes the Heff to be Heffed”. The pool below her represents the German yeast as well as the Banana and Clove spices that it brings and infuses with the Black Cherries. You can also say it is the banana split flavors that are brought at ya as Ruby swings her scythe to take out your palate with a slight bit of that cherry tartness. Rose petals represent the cherries swirling as the beer is surrounded in cherry flavor. Lots of great things going with this beer!


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