Mash & Grind by the Bruery

10365814_10102242084566520_3966754426991846494_n 10869828_10102242084960730_6678622636617135545_oRating: 6/5

Mash & Grind by the Bruery is a 13.7% ABV English Barley Wine aged in Bourbon Barrels with Portola Lab’s Lucio Delgado (Columbia) Coffee beans.


An English-style classic with rich flavors from time spent aging in bourbon barrels, plus fresh roasted coffee from Portola Coffee Lab.

Mash & Grind is best enjoyed fresh for bold coffee notes, but may develop pleasantly with time if cellared properly.


After reviewing the other MASH variations, I am unsure how the Coffee variant could top the coconut, but we definitely have to focus on this one now. This was also released to Reserve Society members only and you may have to trade to get this variant. MASH by the Bruery is in itself an insanely rich and delicious beer that really shoots up to the top of the best Barleywines in the world in my opinion especially of the English style. This coffee variant is something I have been meaning to try and is one that I passed off a taster as I was too exited to the coconut and the fact that I was willing to wait to focus on this one. So let’s dive and see how this one differs from the regular MASH. By the way, Portola labs is one of the best I have seen for brewing some of the best coffee beers out there. Well, except for the rarities of Kopi Luwak, Intelligentsia, Jamaican Blue, Jobella and Dark Matter and their variants such as Unicorn’s Blood, but I digress. Check out my other reviews on those if you want. As for this one, let’s take close look shall we? Cheers!!

Rich milk chocolate coffee, rich roasted coffee grounds, java coffee, espresso, frappuccino cream, coffee cake, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, bourbon, oak, banana split, dark fruit raisins, figs, plums, banana clove spices, rich mocha, coconut hints, marshmallow, chocolate smores, custard, sweetened condensed milk (Leche Nestle), rocky road icecream, pecan pie, tobacco, brownies, chocolate bread, toffee, butterscotch, raisin bread pudding and maple.

Rich mocha coffee, Java, espresso, Khalua, dark chocolate abuelita, roasted coffee notes, coffee grounds, dulce de leche caramel, frappuccino, mocha latte, flan, plantain hints, almond joy, dark chocolate pecan pie, danish cookies, cinnamon, bananas, hazelnut, tocacco, rocky road icecream, bourbon, toasted coconut hints, butterscotch, macadamia nuts, dark fruit, plums raisins, dark cherry, sweetened condensed milk, tapioca pudding, custard, chocolate cake, coffee cake, crème brulee and maple.

Roasted coffee, vanilla, caramel, crème brulee, rye bread, marshmallows, coconut hints, almonds and frappuccino cream lingers. No alcohol in the taste, moderate drinkability, creamy mouthfeel and a dark brown full body.

Hot Damn, if you love coffee, this one is like Coffee Central! The coffee is strong in this one. The colder the sharper coffee strength. You get more coffee roast as it is cold, but when it warms up, that is when you get the best out the beer. I definitely suggest trying it a variant temperatures as it will vary as the temperature gets warmer. Aging this will let more coffee and other flavors go through but as it is right now as it warms up is definitely pure coffee beer Nirvana. I do think this reaches the heights of best coffee beers in the world and the best coffee Barleywine ever and I highly recommend if you can get some bottles to age too.

Anime Corner:
Aqua from Kingdom Hearts makes a triumphant return in the beer scene with this pairing. The last couple of times I used her were in pairings such as 1556 Ale from New Belgium, Rochefort 10 and Jamaican Blue Coffee Speedway Stout from Alesmith. She relates to this beer in the sense of the deep and by that I mean deep darkness. Darkness which is presented by the rich coffee roast but mainly because even with the strongest of the Dark, she can battle it with light as she is a Key Blade Master which are very few from the series. You see, Mash & Grind is not a dark beer. It retains its barleywine caramel colors, super strength and complexity and yet presents the darkness. Aqua has been locked in the darkness for a long time but her light is always brimming never to extinguish!


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