John Paul Jones Stout White Chocolate And Raspberry by Brew Rebellion

10523286_10102215476374550_1974930827289485458_n 10613119_10102215476703890_4797126395622522087_n 10357817_10102215476988320_500379220064866364_nRating: 5.5/5

John Paul Jones Stout White Chocolate And Raspberry by Brew Rebellion is a 10.9% ABV Imperial Stout with White Chocolate and Raspberry flavors.



This beer came as a surprise. I have never seen a white chocolate and raspberry stout before. The closest I have had to white chocolate were the White Chocolate from The Bruery and White Chocolate Moo-Hoo. This is the first time I try a beer from Brew Rebellion and the fact that they had it all nice and waxed, well, let’s just say it appealed to me a lot. So let us check this one out and see how it goes. Cheers!

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, mocha, roasted , raspberry cheesecake, dark cherries, blue raspberry jolly ranchers, brown sugar, dark fruit raisins, currants, blue berries, molasses, grape jelly on toasted bread, flan hints, crème brulee and marshmallows.

Rich raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Milk chocolate, White chocolate, vanilla, caramel, raspberry cream, coffee, mocha, rye bread, dark fruit raisins, currants, blue berries, grape jelly on toasted bread, dark cherries, raspberry cheesecake, blue raspberry jolly ranchers, cinnamon, molasses, flan, cherry cola notes, blue raspberry jolly ranchers, dragon fruit, toasted coconut, marshmallows, brown sugar, hazelnut, toffee, crème brulee hints and earthy notes.

Raspberry, white and dark chocolate hints, caramel, vanilla, mild Earthy notes and mainly dry finish.
No Alcohol in the taste, pitch black body, light yet creamy mouthfeel, Way too easy to drink that it is dangerous.

I agree it to be a perfect stout. I really wish it had more body and complexity to it, but just as is, the flavors it does have are full frontal. Meaning that you do get a very direct raspberry and dark chocolate flavor with some white chocolate suggested. While the white chocolate is in there but kind of hidden at first, let the beer warm up to released it better. Afterward, that is what I base my rating on. This beer could be drunk all day which is dangerous as it is way too easy to drink. I highly recommend trying this one, This beer definitely fits as the “Chocolate Gift” category and might be good for a valentines gift too.

Anime Corner:
Kirin and Amy Rose from Monster Hunter and the Sonic Franchise were used in this pairing because I wanted to bring about the aspect of how the colors relate to the flavors of White Chocolate and Raspberry creating like pink milky color. While the beer itself is dark, like the dark chocolate, this is only one of the flavors. Since it is easy to drink, and a sweet dessert, it is just like giving chocolate as a gift for valentines. I liked the idea for sure.


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