Brothers’ Reserve series Ginger Brrrbon ’13 by Widmer Brothers

1526679_10101588101803220_897622545_nRating: 4.2/5

Brothers’ Reserve series Ginger Brrrbon ’13 by Widmer Brothers is a 10.7% ABV Winter Warmer brewed 90% with Ginger and aged in bourbon barrels with the last 10% being regular winter warmer ale.

Our brewers added fresh chopped ginger to a few select barrels of our Barrel-Aged Brrrbon ’13, an imperial version of our Brrr Seasonal Ale aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels, for this limited edition brew. The addition of ginger complements the oak, vanilla, and caramel flavors of the beer and results in a smooth winter warmer perfect for the season. 

MALTS: Pale, Caramel, Carapils, Dark Chocolate
HOPS: Alchemy, Simcoe, Cascade

The last of the Widmer beers I was looking for this year. The Vanilla one was definitely a different beer. Like I had stated before, it was more like a Barleywine than a winter warmer as it was more hoppy and citrusy from what I would expect from a Bourbon barrel aged beer. Either way, it was awesome. Obtained this one from Total Wine and more of Redondo Beach California.

a lot like a Barleywine than a winter warmer, some nice caramel, rich ginger bread and ginger spice, bourbon hits, coriander, citrus, grapefruit, earthy hops, mild tropic notes, cinnamon, dark fruit notes, toffee, rye, tapioca pudding, brown sugar, graham cracker and marshmallow.

Rich rye, ginger spice, barley wine notes, citrus, grapefruit, mild bourbon notes, piney and grassy hops, tapioca notes, herbs and spices, mild tropical notes, coriander spice, caramel, toffee, vanilla, biscuit bread, mild oak notes, brown sugar and chamomile.

The ginger, caramel, mild earthy hops and rye bread linger for a bit. Sipping beer and some alcohol in the taste. 

It is a very good but not as good as the vanilla version, although this one is complex in its own way. The are more along the lines of Barleywines than winter warmer as there is more hop present. Also, the bourbon really doesn’t strike much to the overall flavor, just hints here and there. On its own as a Barleywine I say it does a good job but it also has enough spices and herbal flavors to make it good too.

Anime Corner:
Inoue Orihime from Bleach was used in this piece since I wanted to represent the ginger spices of the beer. She looks like a Ginger with the orange hair but that only adds to the whole thing. Also, many Winter warmers and Barleywines come in brown to orange hue, so this would better compliment the beer as well.


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