Shock Top Chocolate Wheat and Choc’ Top by Anheuser-Busch

1524663_10101588096264320_530313006_n 1524976_10101588096563720_412938172_n 1512593_10101588105016780_230145779_nRating: 4.5/5 *Chocolate Wheat

Rating: 4.6/5 *Choc’ Top

Shock Top Chocolate Wheat by Anheuser-Busch is a 4.3% ABV Belgian-Style Wheat Ale brewed with spices, cocoa nibs and vanilla beans

Belgian style wheat ale brewed with spice, aged on cocoa and vanilla beans, and with natural flavors.
Pour down side of glass until 1/2″ is left in bottle. Swirl &pour remaining brew to properly blend spices & release the aroma & flavor. Enjoy!

There is 2 beers to review here. The chocolate Wheat on its own and the “Black & Tan” version or Choc’ Top which includes pouring a portion of the Chocolate wheat and topping it off with the regular shock top. These beers come in a 6 pack with 3 being chocolate and 3 being shock top. In this review I will talk mainly about the chocolate wheat on its own but also describe how the addition of regular shock top may make or break the beer as it becomes, Choc’ Top

Impressive milk stout qualities, dark chocolate, vanilla, waffle cone, mild rocky road ice cream, caramel, marshmallow notes, earthy spice, brown sugar and peanut butter

Chocolate and vanilla are there and they do seem to mask some of the graininess. The wheat combination works great as the flavors come out like waffle cone, marshmallow, peanut butter hints and rocky road ice cream. It also has flavors of caramel, toffee, brown sugar, coriander spice and earthy grainy bitterness.

Finishes a bit dry but some of the vanilla, chocolate and waffle cone character linger slightly. Easy to drink, no alcohol in the taste but the mouthfeel is watery at times.

Probably the best Shock Top beer I have ever had and that is swaying a lot since normally they are average but this one is very good

Anime Corner:
I chose Muramas from Full Metal Daemon to represent the chocolate and vanilla aspects of the beer but also show the winter and Christmas aspect of the new release. It is very good. As for the Choc’ Top I chose and original artwork from artist sigma99 which shows the chocolate embracing the original shock top flavors but the final outcome being a chocolate and orange infusion as shown in the last artwork which the character and the artist are unknown as I was unable to find an original source other than 

Choc’ Top:
This is what you make when you do a Black and Tan with the regular Shock Top and the Chocolate Wheat. The only difference in the Aromas and flavors is that you increase the wheat and coriander making it taste more like chocolate covered oranges. It makes it slightly better but does take away more from the vanilla and chocolate. So either way, good stuff

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