Arctic Sun Stone collaboration by Amager Bryghus and Three Floyds

10710659_10102214381473740_6624071730411607440_n 10516855_10102214381743200_2416131594113642214_nRating: 4.75/5

Arctic Sun Stone collaboration by Amager Bryghus and Three Floyds is a 6% ABV Denmark/American Pale Ale

The sunstone – much disputed among scholars. Did the Viking navigators really have such a tool that would help them point out what was east and what was west – even on a less than sunny day? We certainly believe so. Many years later no sunstone was needed when Amager Bryghus was invaded by what very much looked like Viking ancestors of American descent. Hailing from Munster, Indiana, Chris Boggess and Barnaby Struve of Three Floyds Brewing arrived not with a vengeance but with very loud King Diamond on their portable mp3 player. This was not a day for slaughter but for brewing. And brew we did. The mellow and dangerously quaffable Arctic SunStone is proof that even Viking warriors can have a more subtle side to them. All hail to Three Floyds.

Three Floyds beers are hard to find. Amager Bryghus was even hard too. The fact that I was able to find this one, even if it was a good online store, means that they are getting out there and being distributed more. Since it was a Three Floyds and Amager Bryghus beer, I had to get it. So without further ado, here is the beer treasure, Arctic Sun Stone. Cheers!

Grapefruit, citrus, mild piney and mild grassy hops, caramel, vanilla toffee, tropical fruits like pineapple, honey dew melon, guava hints, mango, apples, tangerines, orange peel, kumquats, lycheefruit roasted peanuts, banana hints and stone fruit apricot.

Citrus,grapefruit, grassy and piney hops, toffee, caramel, biscuit breads, tropical fruit like mango, guava, pine apples, honey dew melon, apples, tangerines, lychee fruit, orange peel, kumquats, strawberries, coriander spice, stone fruit apricot, peach notes, roasted peanuts, bananas and some herbal hop notes.

Caramel, biscuit bread, vanilla, citrus, roasted peanuts, toffee, grapefruit and piney hops linger. No Alcohol in the taste, Bold, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel, Hazy medium body and moderate drinkability.

A very good Pale Ale. Drinks almost like an IPA but mainly sticking to the more malty sides and yet releasing a lot of the orange citrus and tropical flavors of some of the best pale ales out there. Pale Ales especially American ones, always have their own story to share trying to border line the IPA’s while stil offering more of a balance and not just pure hop bitterness like some west coast styles. Never the less, this one was pretty tasty and worth a try if you can get it.

Anime Corner:
Risty and Leina Vance from Queen’s Blade were used in this pairing since I wanted something to pair with the colors of the label, the beer and the Viking. While Risty covers that aspect and the picture with the loud roar, Leina is added to represent the collaboration of the 2 giants, Three Floyds and Amager respectively.


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