Happy 1st Brewerinanimelogs Anniversary!

205379_10100698959765990_1738326347_nHappy 1st Brewerinanimelogs Anniversary!


Today I celebrate the one year anniversary of my blog which started going public last year October 17th, 2012. Back then, I posted my first review here (https://brewerianimelogs.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/black-xantus-imperial-stout-by-nectar-alesfirestone-walker-2/ ).


A lot of people do not know but I started reviewing beers for friends in facebook in 2011. Hence the reason why when I first started the blog, I had decided to add all my previous Anime Pairings in this blog. I have to give major thanks to my friend, Flor (Celeste) Gonzalez who encouraged me to take my reviews and share them with the world. Right now, my friend is going through some difficult times as she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Please keep my friend in your prayers. Flor if you are reading this, I definitely plan to bring you some nice beers my friend.


I also wanted to give a little back story as to when I truly started doing reviews and when my love for Craft Beer all began.  In 2010, after my mom had passed, I was a very active person. Exercising and doing personal competitions with my friend Sal. I still do my exercise but I definitely do it on a self motivating terms. After jogging our first 5k run, we decided to get together with my friend Jorge and Carlos. We had visited the Bevmo liquor store which had many craft beers. Keep in mind, I had already had a thing for craft beer label art since my first introduction to the Lost Abbey ales when I visited my friend Adrian in West Covina California. So this gave me a chance to basically, try something off and different. Even more different than 2002 when my friends introduced me to New Belgium’s Fat Tire.


Anyways, so we tried the beers and they were very strong. I remember back then I got the Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout for everyone to try. My friend Natalie said, this was so thick, making a religious joke saying, like the blood of Christ. I had spent a lot of time looking at different labels. Beer labels and other beer things to the point where I wanted to get some of those beers to try myself.


While my tasting was very limited and I wanted beers based on labels, it wasn’t until 2011 when my friends Jose, Johan and I formed Beer Tuesday meetings to try different  beers. I had a collection of beer labels at the time but we also started to add our findings on Facebook posts, or atleast I did. I had spent a long time trying to gather beer information to see which beers were good and which would fit the meetings. Bevmo was my friend. At some point, my friend Jose a.ka Chino got married that year and moved away with his wife. Johan had also lived far away and started to do his own thing. Jorge got a house, Carlos had his house with his wife, Jorge’s sister Lissette, and Sal had moved into an apartment with his girl Marisella around October 2011. I was pretty much stuck in the hobby by myself. My passion for beer and labels grew greater.


At this point I decided to find my own beers and do my own reviews as I had seen many people were doing them. I started doing a lot of research on beer tasted and findings. At some point, my hobby had shifted from basic beer label collection to beer tastes. It wasn’t until sometime in October 2011 when I took a picture of Black Xantus. Keeping in mind, Black Xantus and Lost Abbey were some of the very first craft beers that I enjoy and to this day are always in my top 10, that I decided to take a picture and do a special review. Unfortunately the picture is not in this blog but I will post it here because it meant something. It meant the beginning of the Brewerianimelogs.


I used to take pictures of beers and did small reviews here and there for my friends, trying to introduce something they had never seen or something they would like to try. One time I had grabbed a picture with an anime picture in the background from my Television set. I had looked at the picture and stopped. Listening to my father’s “Recuerdos, Mexican Oldies” Something hit me. Something hit me to take my favorite hobbies which is anime and video games and pair them together. My first work was not great. However, I kept taking pictures and writing. Pairing my favorite anime characters, and even trying to relate them to the beer. I felt like I struck an artist gold mine. I started to call it, “Brewerina Artisan Logs” on facebook albums. It was basically, Breweriana as in collecting beer paraphernalia, Artisan, in artistic ways and logs, writing about them. I had done many pics and reviews on facebook and I kept it personal really. It wasn’t until my friend Flor, which had mentioned earlier, encouraged me to do a blog. An actual site, on wordpress to share my idea with the world. On that faithful day on the 17th of October 2012, I added my first post. I started adding the many “Anime and beer” related posts I could think of that I had on face book and put them here as well as  newer ones. Before long, I had the website going. I noticed many people started to like the posts. Many people started to see the artwork and see how it related with each other. Brewerianimelogs, the collection of beer and anime artwork pairings and reviews had begun!!!


Today, I still keep adding more and more beers as I can. I have even started visiting different breweries with my friends Alex Alcaraz, Richard and his wife Megan, Jose (a.k.a Chino), his wife Cynthia and his brother Juan, Jorge and his girl Emily, both Julio and his girlfriend Janette, Oscar, Alex Bahamaca, Hugo and papa Rick as well as tried many beers with everybody. To this day however, the only thing I have to admit that is holding this idea back is the fact that the artwork is not mine. I have no ownership to any artwork but my own written reviews. I make not money nor am I sponsored by any one. I have a very strong passion for this idea which may one day bring people that love beer and anime together. I will take no credit over the art, just the idea and the written work. As you have seen with many of my posts, there is no modification to the original artwork and is simply used in a creative way. What I do hope in the future though, is possible using my written work to launch something different. Possibly a Youtube channel on beer and if I do decided to add artwork, it will be with original artists consent. Regardless of what happens, I will continue to do this blog because it has become a great hobby and a great passion of mine. To all that have managed to read this far, please like my post and to you fellow craft beer fan, Thank you for reading and thank you for loving this little anime and beer website!!


Cheers to All and Cheers to another year of Brewerianimelogs!!


Flor’s Blog: http://theliterarypinup.wordpress.com/

Artwork Source: http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-09-20-116009.jpeg

2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Brewerinanimelogs Anniversary!

  1. Keep up the great work man! I love reading your reviews and seeing the new beers you have. I keep adding them to the list of beers that you will eventually ship me! hahahaha! Cheers my new internet blog friend!

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