Saku Kiss Cherry Cider by Svyurys-Utenos Allus, Utena , Lithuania

1610812_10102056403597670_1346768960919318447_nRating: 3/5* Cider Rating

Saku Kiss Cherry Cider by Svyurys-Utenos Allus, Utena , Lithuania is a 4.5% Cherry Cider.

Description: None.

Talk about random picks. So I decided pick up a Cherry flavored Cider since I haven’t tried ciders in a while. I saw this one at the Total Wine and More and saw it was an export cider and a 16 ounce one, so I figured what the hell. Let’s try it out. I have tried some very epically awesome ciders but the specially awesome ones like the ones from Crispin are only far few and between. Either way, let us see how this one fares in the cider category.

Honey, Cherry, cinnamon, apple, pear and biscuit bread.

Cinnamon, dark cherry, honey, apples, pears, biscuit bread, butterscotch notes, grapes and crandberry.

Subtle cherry notes linger but mainly dry. No alcohol in the taste, easy to drink, pink clear body and light mouth feel with a very crisp and refreshing taste.

A pretty average but tasty cider. Nothing too overwhelming but a bit of flavor variety to keep it interesting but not awesome. I guess if you are experimental and would like try a different flavored cider, give it a try.

Anime Corner:
Sakura Haruno from Naruto was used in this pairing mainly because I wanted something to pair with the cherry aspect of the beer and the fact that the colors of the beer are rosey pink. That and the fact that the name of the cider starts with Saku.


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