Blood & Honey by Revolver brewing

10509646_10101994837596430_3494585407891749935_n 10593163_10101994838394830_2175047011007740537_nRating: 4.45/5

Blood & Honey by Revolver brewing is a 7% ABV American Pale Wheat Ale brewed with Blood Orange peel, honey and spices.

An unfiltered deep-golden ale made with malted two-row barley and wheat. Finished with Blood Orange peel, Texas honey and a blend of spices.

Straight out of Texas, this dual gunner beer was a generous donation by my friend Aaron Mendiola of The name alone is enough to make me want to try it. Blood Oranges or beers with Blood Orange are a treat that doesn’t really come out often. While Blood Oranges themselves taste just like Oranges but look like bloody pulp, it is still intriguing as the mind tends to believe there is a possibility that it taste like something more. Like when giving a blind test people vanilla pudding with brown food coloring, they will say it taste like chocolate. The mind tends to add things. Anyway, aside from that, I am looking for to try this one and to see how it fares. Cheers!

Honey comb, caramel, toffee, grapefruit hints, citrus, biscuit bread, piloncillo sugar cone, maple hints, wheat, peach, mango, blood oranges, lemon zest, coriander spice, strawberry hints, banana yogurt and clove spice.

Honey comb, caramel, biscuit bread, bananas, clove spice, piloncillo, peach, mango hints, cinnamon, maple hints, grapefruit, blood oranges, lemon zest, coriander spice, herbal hop bitterness, wheat bread, strawberry hints and pumpkin hints.

Honey comb, peach, strawberry hints, lemon zest, blood orange peel, wheat bread and herbal hop bitterness. No alcohol in the taste. Crisp and refreshing. Medium drinkability, medium mouth feel with a hazy full body.

This beer is very good. There is an underlying sweetness in the that is moderately complex which I really believe is attributed to the ingredients used in the beer. This is not the typical wheat ale and has a lot of interesting things going on here. While beer itself is not red, there is nothing left but the taste and aromas to decipher what it is truly like. I can definitively say I like this one and it is worth trying.

Anime Corner:
Revy from Black Lagoon was used in this pairing to go with the brewery’s dual wield label. The blood orange aspect of the beer pays tribute to the deadly but sweet aspect of who Revy. While cold hearted and ruthless as she is for killing, the honey comes into play to show that sweet side of her that is typically not a part of her. It more likely balances her character out in a way. The moon in the background picture also pairs with the name of the beer because Blood and Honey have been 2 different types of descriptions given to some of the moons colors depending on the year season. Revy’s orange aura also compliments the blood oranges as well.


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