Floraison by Monkish Brewing

1653297_10101641997545720_3711806_nRating: 4.75/5

Floraison by Monkish Brewing is a 6.4% ABV Saison/Farmhouse Ale dry flowered with Chamomile and Hibiscus.

An experimental summer beer that starts off in a saison direction with oats and wheat but steeped with hibiscus and chamomile. Then the beer is “dry flowered” with more hibiscus, chamomile, and sterling hops. Floraison is robed with pinkish & orangish hues and gives a bouquet of floral, spicy, tea-like aromas and flavors.

Picked up a growler fill at Monkish Brewing at Torrance California. They have been one of my favorite growing local breweries and one with Belgian specific theme going on with the beers. I have reviewed 2 beers so far but this is my third favorite from them and is one that I always pick up. It is now joke with chamomile and hibiscus, you can definitely taste it.

Lots chamomile, hibiscus, peppercorns, biscuit bread, honey, floral hops, green tea, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, raspberry notes, sun flowers and oats.

Hibiscus flower(Jamaica) flavors, pink peppercorns, oatmeal, barnyard funk, hay, chamomile, vanilla, honey, green tea, citrus, tart raspberries, cranberries, biscuit bread, caramel, coriander spice, cinnamon, herbs, raisins, apples, apricots and cherry.

Floral and grassy finish with some citrus and chamomile lingering a bit. No alcohol in the taste, easy to drink with a crisp and refreshing taste.

Very good beer reminding me of the chamomile teas my mother used to make for upset stomachs. The hibiscus adds a great amount of flowery complexity. This is my third favorite beer from Monkish next Anamoly and Seme De La Vita. They are slowly distributing the to stores but if you happen to be in the southern California area near Torrance, you should definitely stop by the brewery and give Monkish a try.ย 

Anime Corner:
Vocaloid Luca drawn by okingjo was used as the inspiration for this pairing to portray the very flowery aspects of the beer as well as its pink colors. The word floraison means to blossom and she is definitely blossoming some very good colors to pair with the beer. The whole wedding dress aspect of it is tied to this beer being of an Abbey Style which leads to Monks, which leads to church which leads to people getting married. So a link in that direction was definitely one that was well fitted for the Floraison beer.

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