2014 Old Bat Rastard by Freetail Brewing of San Antonio Texas

1690625_10101647501291170_1296809488_nRating: 5.4/5

2014 Old Bat Rastard by Freetail Brewing of San Antonio Texas is an 8.2% ABV Winter Warmer/Olde Ale.

Every New Year Old Bat Rastard unfurls his withered wings and stretches, feeling for any sign of the sun warming his would-be thumb. If there is no warmth, he’s in for a long winter; if however he feels a sunrays’ warmth, he folds his leathery appendages back, content to know spring is not far. Deep, tawny brown, our winter warmer welcomes you with its inviting malt aromas and caramelized sweetness. Thick, full and increasingly bitter, this is the beer to break the dead of winter. Suitable for aging but also for sharing, so don’t be a rastard – pass some along to your closest compatriots. 

Ingredients: 2-Row, aromatic, dark crystal, caramunich & roast malts ; subdued, yet imposingly present hops; top-fermenting yeast; natural, limestone-filtered, Edwards Aquifer H2O; New Year Resolutions. 

Special thanks to the ultimate beer metal dude, Aaron for this Rocking beer here. Check out his website at www.beermetaldude.com. This beer is an exclusive out at San Antonio Texas, so if you are lucky to get this one, definitely pick it up. This is the second beer I have had from Freetail and so far everything I have tried has been more than exceptional. I have only seen labels of this beer without really knowing what this is all about until now. If it is anything like La Muerta, expect it to be more than perfect.

Very rich caramel, dark fruits like raisins, plums, dates, prunes, fruit cake, chocolate, fig pudding, toffee, port wine notes, grapes, apples, molasses, anise, rye bread, vanilla and blueberries.

Very similar to the Figgy pudding ale I had long ago, rich dark fruits like figs, raisins, plums, currants, prunes, black berries, blueberries, toffee, rye bread, vanilla, hints port wine, grapes, apples, dulce de leche caramel, candy sugar, molasses, anise, pecan pie, hazelnuts, mild flan hints and earthy hops.

Finishes with like an earthy bitter aftertaste that is balanced with the caramel, dark fruits, rye bread and vanilla. No alcohol in the taste, a sipping beer with a good full mouth feel.

Damn… This is freaking great!! It exceeded some of my expectations in the category of perfect beer because of the extra rich complex flavors reminding me of the Figgy pudding ale I had long ago but also the Sede Vacante ale but not as strong. This is freaking great and another great honor to try a beer like this from Texas. We don’t get many like this in California but damn, I really wish we could have a lot like this one here. 

Anime Corner:
Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Project was chosen for this pairing to represent the aspect of time. It is the new year and Old Bat Rastard waits for the Spring as it is too cold outside. Her evil red gaze shows the possibility of her being the Bat Rastard although it is not admitted because even the undead vampires have secrets they won’t admit. In the anime series she may not be a vampire, but she works for a Devil, so it sort of fits. I was also looking for a period in time based on what Old Rat Bastard was wearing and it seems to fit something around the steam punk theme. So it fits in my mind. Any other way this pairing fit in your mind?


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