Vintage Series Barrel Aged 2012 Dancin’ Monks by Aldebert’s Brewery

1558586_10101647502174400_1058111900_nRating: 4.8/5

Vintage Series Barrel Aged 2012 Dancin’ Monks by Aldebert’s Brewery is a 9.1% ABV Belgian Dubbel Aged in oak barrels. 

The Ale: A complex ale with a sour wine funk and plum fruit aroma. Pairs well with tangy cheeses, rich meats, fried foods and fruit based desserts.

The Story:
The Columbian Monks could really cut loose during the annual retreat hosted by Del at his Naivasha Lake House in Kenya. After a glass you might find yourself doing your own little happy dance.

I am familiar with Aldebert’s brewery as I have tried one of their beers back in 2011 when my friend Matt had hooked me up with it long ago. This rich goodie was provided by my good friend Aaron at in Texas. A Texas exclusive beer but generously donated to the site for review. So it is with great pleasure and a great honor to try this limited edition vintage ale here.

Caramel, wine grapes, funky notes, oak, mild bourbon, leather, honey, chardonay, apricots, vanilla, honey, apples, brown sugar and cloves. 

Caramel, plums, raisins, wine grapes, oak, vanilla, honey, wheat, funky barnyard hay, mushrooms, brettanomyces, candy sugars, tart cherry, peppercorns, apricots, sour apples, citrus, coriander, fancy cheese, bourbon, banana notes, clove spice, tangerine marmalade on rye bread and butterscotch.

A dark fruit, caramel, brown sugar aftertaste with a good amount of barnyard hay and funky wine oak notes. No alcohol in the taste but moderate to sipping drinkability on this one. While yes, it is a funky little beer, it has a smooth component too it too.

A very good dubbel and a particular style that I have not tried before. I have tried Bourbon Barrel Aged quads before but a Wine Oak Barrel aged dubbel is quite a treat and very unique. Although, this beer reminds me of the Fantome Beers of Belgium with similar flavors. They are very good and this one is just as good if not in par to those. Amazing stuff and an honor to try them.

Anime Corner:
Wang Yuanji from Dynasty Warriors was used in this beer pairing to represent the the Monk’s dancing as in the beer name but also to represent the beer label’s colors. The blue dress with the gold pair those colors. In the background it almost looks like Wang is dancing. Can you see any other features of this pairing that best complement?


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