Indra Kunindra by Ballast Point

Rating: 4.5/5

Indra Kunindra by Ballast Point is a 7%ABV India-Style Export Stout. It is an ale brewed with Curry Spices, Coconut, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Cayenne & Cumin. This is made extra robust made specific for travel through long journeys. This is the first and best beer that really brings about India cuisine to the world of beer. 


San Diego is home to the greatest craft beer culture in the country. World class breweries, beer bars, bottle shops, and home brewers make our city a beer lovers utopia. To honor our brewing community and Holiday Wine Cellar’s 46th anniversary, Ballast Point and Holiday Wine Cellar are proud to offer a unique collaboration between home brewer and craft brewery. The result of our commemorative endeavor? An India-style Export Stout brewed with Madras Curry and lime leaf. Definitely not the same old-same old. Award winning brewer Alex Tweet really pushed the limited on this one – so enjoy it, and thanks for celebrating with us! 
—-I have had some nice Indian cuisines in the past. Hot Curry is probably one of my favorites. Although I believe that Indian cuisine in India would be way better than stuff we can find here. So if you never had curry or Indian cuisine before, it would be hard to explain. One thing to not about this beer is that although it has its sweet flavors, the cayenne makes the beer hot and spicy like a chile beer. The balance to the heat is the coconut, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, lime and berry like flavors. While Curry is headstrong here, the cinnamon, cumin and sweet flavors bring it to a nice balance. I really think this beer would go great with Indian cuisine. I would recommend it if you love Indian food, especially hot and spicy curry. I do emphasize the hot and spicy as it may be too hot for some folks…but being a man who enjoys spicy food, this is awesome.

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