Mor Mor by Brouwerji West

Rating: 4.25/5

Mor Mor by Brouwerji West of San Jose California is their 12th installment ale at 10.5% ABV. This version is brewed as a the Quadruple Belgian. They only made 10,000 bottles for only local locations. So if you find this, please support your local breweries. I explained alittle bit about Brouwerij west of San Jose in my last reviews when I tried their tripel. So I will spare you the history and go straight to business. This is the second beer I try from the recently emerging brewery. I am a major fan of Belgian Quads, so I definitely had to review this one. This brew starts off with a taste of caramel, chocolate and spicy bread dipped in bananas. There is some raisins, figs, and salted toffee. Surely some earth and grassy notes as there is some bitterness to the bite and leaves off dry. Hoppy California addition of bitter brew influence ofcourse :P. This beer makes it where you want to try more due to its dryness. Definitely not the best of Belgian quads but surely I have had some weirder ones that taste like egg yolk O_o…thanks Downey brewery >.~ Even so, it is hard to rate some quads down as they are a favorite of mine but this one was a couple of notches down. Not too much down, as it is still a great beer.

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