Chocolate Indulgence by Ommegang

Rating: 5/5

Chocolate Indulgence by Ommegang is a 7.0% ABV Stout brewed in the Belgian Strong Ale Style. Made with real Belgian Chocolate, cocoa powder and natural flavors. It was made back in 2007 to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. I was able to get a contact that traded me some beers for this one. Good thing too, as this beer had reached its prime aging target 2012. Anymore and it may have not been too good. At this stage in the aging process, the beers has grown into some kind of crazy complexity. At it’s early stages, I am sure it had tasted more like a sweet bready and chocolate stout. It has matured into something that I can only describe as….delicious yet different… a great way ofcourse. The flavors I can make out are a lot of dark chocolate, coffee, raisins, grape wine without the sourness, plums, banana bread. The after taste is really smokey so if you are not into smoked beers, this may not be for you. I surely enjoyed this beer and I am sure the ABV went up higher as the time passed. This reminded me a lot of the Serpent’s stout yet even more sweeter and well, with more chocolate. As the temperature lowered, it seems that the smokiness started to leave and more of the sweetness and tart flavors of the chocolate and wine and raisin flavors started to take over in the after taste. I was going to give this beer a 4.75 but as I got deeper into the beer, more complexity and sweetness followed, so I started to like it more. Reminding me of the Ommegang Art of Darkness but not close. This beer is surely on its own level considering the maturity. If Ommegang does release this beer again, I will definitely try it early to verify and compare. For now, this beer gets a 5 for complexity and deliciousness. If you ever bought any of those special fruit and nut chocolates with the purple wrapper that they sell at the stores in the good candy bar section, this is how that would taste. Simply remarkable.

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