Lake Eerie Monster by Great lakes

Rating: 4.25/5 

Lake Eerie Monster by Great lakes brewing is a 9.10% Imperial IPA. This DIPA’s concentration is mainly on caramel and vanilla sweetness. The pine, grassy and hop taste is not overwhelming so it is easy to drink. The floral and tropical fruit flavors seems to bleed through over the bitterness but the caramel and vanilla remain dominant. Mango, orange, pineapple and cane flavors are in there. It almost feels like chewing on sweet cane pulp with a mix of grapefruit and pine. This is quite the delicious beer. Hard as hell to find but certainly worth picking up. Sweet IPA lovers will like this one. It definitely masks the alcohol well….almost too well >.>…hmm…oh well. Very delicious and refreshing. All natural. Too bad they don’t sell it close by. Unless you find the special Magus shop of beers. Yes, finding beers is like finding treasure. Oh wait that’s right, I mentioned the whole beer as a lost treasure in my previous reviews. Well, just like the label on this beer saying there’s an American Lochness monster in Lake Eerie, so too it as a representative of true treasure in beer form.

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