2016 PB & Thursday by The Bruery

15776741_10103862749006990_6698935212221744422_oRating: 7/7* Final Review of 2016

2016 PB & Thursday by The Bruery is a 19.8% ABV Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels with Peanut Flour.


We claim the days of the week Sparingly With this release , we spread it on thick. This is our kind of Thursday.

Check The Forecast, down a cup of coffee, grab your backpack and pack something special to enjoy later on. Might we suggest this bottle? It is Thursday, after all. PB & Thursday – a peanuty variant of Black Tuesday. It won’t stick to the roof of your mouth, but it will impart layers of peanut butter character and bourbon-laced fudge notes to our storied imperial stout.
Released to the Hoarders Society only, I had to reach out to my sources and definitely pull some beer leverage for this one. There was no way I could not pass up on this one and well, things paid off and now I have the next edition to the Weekday Series from The Bruery here to the site. For this being the last beer of 2016, it is only fitting. I did Grey Monday as the last beer of 2012 when I first started posting to my website. 4 years later and a new Weekday addition has come. This time, the Bruery has decided to add a Peanut butter beer as their Weekday. Peanut butter has really been exploding in the craft beer industry and I can’t blame them. Ever since Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup and Terrapin Liquid Bliss, it has been a damn staple in some of the best beers. Heck, even my first Experimental Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout was made with peanut butter. Granted, some breweries add peanut butter flavoring and other manage to add real peanut butter or powdered peanut butter, the Bruery went with Peanut flour. I actually added something similar called PB2 to my brew, a ton of it! Also, the Bruery has made a peanut butter beer before called Elvis Tuesday which was Peanut Butter and Bananas. They also made one called PB & J which was peanut butter powder and boysenberry puree. I think with this however, the emphasis on more of a peanut and chunky peanut butter beer, they decided to go with peanut flour. This is definitely quite the honor and specially a great way to end this year. For many it has been decent but over all its been up and down. Let’s have a beer and celebrate for a better tomorrow! Cheers for another year of Anime and Beer reviews!

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, German chocolate, Belgian chocolates, Peanut brittle, toffee, dulce de leche caramel, oak, vanilla, marshmallow, bourbon, Reese’s pieces peanut butter cups, Nutter Butter Cookies, Capn’ Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch cereal, roasted peanuts, Cocoa Krispies, dark fruit raisins, plums, figs, dark cherries, raspberries, currants, pomegranates, crème brulee, flan, sweetened condensed milk hints, Rocky Road Ice cream, chocolate mousse, peanut butter and chocolate chip ice cream, Bananas, and clove spice.

Rich Reese’s pieces peanut butter cups, Nutter Butter Cookies, peanut brittle, roasted peanuts, peanut butter fudge, Capn’ Crunch Peanut butter crunch, oak, bourbon, marshmallows, peanut butter and chocolate smores, Cocoa Krispies, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Baker’s Chocolate, German chocolate, Belgian chocolates, dark fruit raisins, plums, figs, dark cherries, raspberries, currants, pomegranates, flan, dulce de leche caramel, cotton candy, Irish Cream, Danish Cream, molasses, anise, maple syrup, rocky road ice cream, graham crackers, peanut butter cereal, port wine, crème brulee, tobacco, leather, mocha, Bananas, clove spice, oreo cookies, coffee cake, hazelnut nectar, toffee, piloncillo sugar cone, waffle cone, peanut butter chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cookie dough, butterscotch, almond joy coconut,peanut butter chocolate mousse, 3 leches/ 3 Milks cake, sweetened condensed milk and pecan pie.
Finishing Rich in dark fruit, peanut butter, dark chocolate, marshmallows, oak, bourbon, vanilla, sweetened condensed milk, peanut butter fudge and Reese’s peanut butter chocolate and rocky road ice cream. Slight booziness but mainly sweetness in the aftertaste and not even detracting from the flavors. Crimson Dark full body, velvety, smooth, creamy, syrupy and chewey mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability. Although there was times I wanted to just drink it all in one sitting.
An Exceptional, Grandiose and supremely delicious addition the series of great beers. A bucket lister simply because I am a nut for peanut butter. This beer, just like Grey Monday did for Hazelut, Chocolate Rain for Chocolate, Wineification for Wine, Mocha Wednesday for Coffee, White Chocolate for Vanilla and Chocolate, this brand new day takes everything I loved about peanut butter and brings it full force. This is not peanut butter flavoring in any way. This is as close to real peanuts, roasted peanuts and real peanut butter as it gets. It definitely is closer to my peanut butter home brew but also the Sweep The Leg Peanut Butter Stout I got from my friend Aaron Mendiola in Texas. However, it is like take that peanut butter and the Gods of the universe named Black Tuesday rose you up to the heavens and said from this day forth, you are now, PB & Thursday. I’m sure it was damn magical when they finally decided to promote the Black Tuesday to become a new day of the week. They chose damn right. This special beer is definitely righteous to hold its place as such. I am hoping we see a release of this next year for us Reserve members as well as Preservation members, this one is definitely one for the book and one I recommend you try it especially if you are Black Tuesday.
End of The Year Statement:
I want to thank each and every one of you who have made this year special. Not just for keeping up with these wacky reviews, sometimes mistyped words and overall defender of many beers where people rate beers too harshly. I thank you for getting this far if you are new to the site or even been a fan for years. To all my readers, lovers, haters, Facebook, Untappd, SomethingAwful.com linkers and Twitter followers, regardless, thank you so much. I really appreciate the love and support from everyone and all the breweries that have contributed to my site growth, to my friend Aaron Mendiola from BeerMetalDude.com, to my fellow homebrew brothers, to the BeerBumz and to you, the reader, lover of beer and anime, KANPAI!
Anime Corner:
Emeralda Kasim from Xenogears was chosen in this review as I wanted to a make favorite character part of the awesome Bruery series. You see, KOS-MOS is the original Black Tuesday for Xenosaga/Xenogears. Rukia Kutchiki who I chose for Grey Monday was from Bleach, same as Yoruichi Shihouin who I chose for Chocolate Rain. Temari is my favorite top from Naruto and I chose White Chocolate. So for Mocha Wednesday, my next favorite who fit perfectly with the colors was Konan from Naruto as well. So that being said, I had not chosen another favorite character from the Xeno series aside from my top which was KOS-MOS. So that is when I decided to go with Emeralda. She is a hidden character and one of the most powerful in the game. Some might argue, she is the KOS-MOS of that series subsection as she is an experiment. KOS-MOS is an advanced cybernetic android, Emeralda is a shape shifting biological weapon that grows up later in the series. So, it was definitely a fit for this beer. You can easily tell I was going for colors of the label as well as colors of the flavors with crimson and and peanut butter colors representing Emeralda. The green of her hair is like that of the origin of peanuts, green. Essentially, this beer is like remembering one’s roots. Like Peanuts remember their green origin, one remembers the Black Tuesday origin and this special beer here will forever be that… very special, like Emeralda!

Raven’s Eye (New Label) by Eel River Brewing

10628116_10101996997852260_9207687194802743130_n 10628221_10101996998471020_1130624855266760143_nRating: 5/5

Raven’s Eye (New Label) by Eel River Brewing is a 9.5% ABV Organic Russian Imperial Stout.

A bold creamy Stout with hints of dark chocolate and espresso balanced by an aroma reminiscent of chocolate, molasses, and plums.

If you think Raven’s Eye Stout is good now, we recommend aging it. Its characteristics become more complex over time, meaning it only gets better with age.

Raven’s Eye Stout has a special place in my heart next to Black Xantus. Back in 2010, when I started to try some craft beers and started to get appreciation for labels, I decided to get this one along with some other beers I had not tried before. This stout stuck out to me even before I started trying the Lost Abbey stuff back then. After several times of trying it, I realize why it was the cousin of the Black Xantus. IT was because while it was not bourbon barrel aged like that one was, it offered similar flavors of the Russian Imperial Stout but with dark fruit flavors. I grew very fond of this one. While it is not sold as often as I like, it is a treat to find it. I picked this one up at Ramirez Liquor when I saw the new label finally came out. So definitely I said to myself, I have to bring this one back! So here it is, once again with the new label. Cheers!

Previous 2012 Review:

Roasted Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Mocha, dark fruits, pecans, hazelnut nectar, rich currants, dark cherry, caramel, anise, earthy roasted notes, molasses, brown sugar and hints vanilla.

Rich dark fruits like raisins, currants, dark cherry, mocha, coffee, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, pecans, Irish cream, bakers chocolate, fudge cake, molasses, anise, hints of oak, earthy roasted notes, sweet toffee, marshmallow smores and brown sugar.

Roasted coffee bitterness, dark fruits, dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel and earthy hints. No alcohol in the taste, moderate to sipping drinkability, creamy mouth feel but smooth and full pitch black body.

Still the greatly awesome beer that I remember. Definitely more dark fruit forward this time around with a good balance. The same beer I had since 2011 still great and in some cases better than the previous times I tried it. The dessert beer next to the Black Xantus and not so barrel aged but yet still up there with great complex flavors for a Russian Stout.

Anime Corner:
Emeralda Kasim from Xenogears was used in this pairing as I used her in many of the Raven’s eye pairing in the past. Her colors seemed to work well with the label of the beer and the green organic aspect of the beer. The colors of her were representative of the taste in terms of the chocolate flavors and more. While her eyes are like the sun and hazel, they show a glimmer of crimson like the eye of the raven as well. She is this beer and the solitude that it represents. Forevermore….


Lake Eerie Monster by Great lakes

Rating: 4.25/5 

Lake Eerie Monster by Great lakes brewing is a 9.10% Imperial IPA. This DIPA’s concentration is mainly on caramel and vanilla sweetness. The pine, grassy and hop taste is not overwhelming so it is easy to drink. The floral and tropical fruit flavors seems to bleed through over the bitterness but the caramel and vanilla remain dominant. Mango, orange, pineapple and cane flavors are in there. It almost feels like chewing on sweet cane pulp with a mix of grapefruit and pine. This is quite the delicious beer. Hard as hell to find but certainly worth picking up. Sweet IPA lovers will like this one. It definitely masks the alcohol well….almost too well >.>…hmm…oh well. Very delicious and refreshing. All natural. Too bad they don’t sell it close by. Unless you find the special Magus shop of beers. Yes, finding beers is like finding treasure. Oh wait that’s right, I mentioned the whole beer as a lost treasure in my previous reviews. Well, just like the label on this beer saying there’s an American Lochness monster in Lake Eerie, so too it as a representative of true treasure in beer form.