Four Witches Black Saison by New Holland

Rating: 3.5/5 

Four Witches Black Saison by New Holland brewing is a 7.3%ABV Saison/Farmhouse ale. The beer is made with white and dark roasted wheat, rye, barley and wild yeast. The result is something that taste like licorice and raisin jam on toast and caramel biscuit. There are some smokey, pepper spice, and dark chocolate notes in there. The saison wine and bread feel is more towards after taste as the licorice and dark malt seem to overwhelm more than the other flavors. The beer is pretty good but the balance is a little off. Hey, this stuff happens when meddling in darkness. It would take one spark of light to light an entire dark room. But as soon as the light leaves, you are left with the darkness overwhelming. Not a bad choice. On the plus side, the sweetness of it leaves you with a dry finish, so you want to consume some more of this potion >:)

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