Bieken Honey Ale by Huisbrouwerij Boelens

ImageBieken Honey Ale is just that. A true Honey Bee-r. It is an 8.5% ale brewed by Huisbrouwerij Boelens in Belgium. This is actually the second time I try this beer. However, I don’t think I did a proper review last time I tried this one, other than saying it is a true hone ale. Yes I did mention that again. Because not only does it have alot, when trying to open the bottle, the cap sticks to the mouth of the bottle. However the beer itself is not so thick like honey syrup. But well… You can sure taste it. It is a Belgian Strong so there is definitely some Belgian bread yeast in this. The flavors, aside from the sweet honey, is like a Belgian white with flavors of orange, lemon, wheat, corriander and honey. The ale also has alot of other spicy, floral and fruity flavors like mango or peach. There is a sense of minor pilsner hops which reminds me of a light lager but well, that surely fades quick and fast as your bombarded like bees to a bee hive. But in this case it is flavors or all sorts. It is sweet and bitter ale. Think of it as having honey on top of a biscuit. Surely this brewery got it right. I am glad I had a chance to pick this up a second time at the Torrance Bevmo. I think it is a seasonal as I did not find it that often but last time this year. Good beer to start up the spring. LOL they had it right the first time with the label. If it has a bee on it, then it better be just like honey or a bee pollinating flowers. DAMN SWEET and DAMN GOOD!!.

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